Saturday, May 18, 2013

Coors Field

You knew it had to happen, the omens were all there.  The Giants had beaten the Rockies in 10 consecutive games.  The Giants had never before, since the start of divisional play, beaten a divisional opponent for 10 consecutive games.  Throw in the Giants recent propensity to play error-full ball and the Coors Field factor, where scores are high, and you get the result, Rox 10, Giants 9 at the end of a nearly 4-hour 9 inning game.

Madison Bumgarner did not pitch well, although his 7 earned runs could have, in a better world, been less.  He did not help himself with a throwing error.  He threw 102 pitches, and should have only thrown 101.  His last left the yard with the bases full in the fifth with 2 outs.  Bochy wanted him to finish the fifth so he could pinch hit for him as the first batter up.   Didn't happen.   8 hits, 4 K and 2 BB.

The Giants committed 4 errors in the first 3 innings.  There were mental errors that didn't show up as well.  Throwing to the wrong base to allow a runner to move up.  And why was Brandon Crawford bunting for a hit against DeLaRosa, who seemed vulnerable?  He bunted, but was easily thrown out in front of Madison.  Oh, and Coors.  Balls fly.  Like Pacheco's first home run, a grand slam.  We got some hitting, too, where we needed it to make the game close.  3 from Scutaro and Sandoval, 2 each from Posey, Pence and Pill (including a long home run from Posey in the 8th.  Marco Scutaro rested on May 1.  In April, he had 24 hits in 100 at bats.  Since then he has had 28 hits in 59 at bats, has hit in every game and has only had 3 games in which he has only had 1 hit. 


M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, the slam was the killer. One pitch too many. I remember thinking that Boch ought to get Bumgarner out of there, but at the same time thinking, hell it's just one more out, nail it down, man. Then--boom.

Seeing the Giants score nine runs but still lose is a very weird feeling.

Zo said...

Seeing the Giants score nine runs but still lose is a very Coors feeling.