Friday, May 10, 2013

Braves Take Round One

Atlanta's 22-year old rookie starter, Julio Teheran, needed only 93 pitches to get 21 outs. He couldn't stop Buster Posey, but managed to keep a lid on most everyone else and that was enough. Ryan Vogelsong continues to miss his corner spots and find the middle of the plate, and you can't do that very long in the big leagues. The Braves have some hitters in that lineup and the return of Brian McCann makes them even more formidable. I don't know what's going on with Vogie--he seems to have plenty of velocity and movement. He also threw 93 pitches but could not get through the 5th inning. He was not hitting the glove consistently, and when he fell behind and had to groove one he got dinged. Last night was game 35, and everyone in the rotation has now logged seven starts. The two southpaws have nine quality starts between them while the three right-handers only have seven, and four of those belong to Matt Cain. We've all been scratching our heads over Tim Lincecum's struggles, but Vogie has been worse. Let's hope he figures it out before too long. The Giants could use a big start from Cain tonight as the bullpen is short-handed with Santiago Casilla sidelined. Not to mention the fact that the Braves are countering with Giant-killer Tim Hudson, who's given up just 49 runs in 122 IP (17 starts) in his career against San Francisco. Expect a lot of ground balls.

I'll miss the game and Matty's outing as I have a retirement party to attend, one I've been looking forward to for some time and should be a lot of fun. Last time I missed watching Cain he shut down the Dodgers. Perhaps I should miss more of his starts.




Zo said...

Would that it were mine (the retirement party, that is).

Shankbone said...

And Matt Cain says hello for round two!