Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AAA Fever in Sac Town

As you all know, the Giants' AAA affiliate is now in Sacramento instead of Fresno. Goodbye Grizzlies, hello River Cats. Local interest is high because normal people love the Giants and hate the A's .
Once I attended a River Cats game and they happened to be commemorating the '89 World Series. Many retired players were there, including "Hindu" Henderson, Dave Stewart and bunch of other fucking A's. Imagine my delight.
But baseball is baseball, so I've been going to a few games a year ever since I moved to Sac County 14 years ago. I'll have a beer and a Polish and cheer for the dopey minor league antics between the innings, stay to the end if there's going to be fireworks, otherwise head for the exits whenever the spirit moved me, because I didn't really care about the score. But from now on I'll be paying attention and actually rooting for the home team.
So it's my intention to take the AAA "beat" for RMC and share the occasional observation. It's hard to say exactly who is a River Cat and who isn't. For example I thought I'd include Chris Heston but he's pitching in Arizona as I write.
Andrew Susac and John Bowker are local guys so they get a little extra press. And the roster includes Juan Perez and Hunter Strickland, who along with Susac will be receiving championship rings soon.
The notorious Angel Villalona is still lurking about. The Giants need right-handed power. Who knows?
More later (don't hold your breath)


JC Parsons said...

Your first significant task will be to figure out when Hunter Pence does his rehab time later this month. That would be sweet to get a close up look at that mad man!

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Got the link to roster from Shankbone:

No Villalona (I think he's in AA now), but Blach, Hall, Bochy, Okert (especially, I see him as our replacement for Affeldt), along with Strickland.

I'm also interested in how Duvall (another Pill?) and Parker does, they seem like they are just on the edge of figuring things out. I'm also hopeful that Adrianza makes it through waivers and we can place him in Sacto. Though Triunfel (nice eye but lost it in AAA) and Ciriaco (same but older) seem interesting too (seems like the Giants picked them up as replacements for Adrianza before he was cut...). And Brett Jackson is a local boy, UCB, former power hitter, maybe the Giants can help him find what he used to have.

Plus, if we can keep Maxwell once Pence returns (assuming he goes and Ishi stays, else sub in Ishi's name), then he'll be playing in AAA.