Thursday, April 23, 2015

Epic Exertions in Extras!

When Howie Kendrick made that full-extension leaping grab of Justin Maxwell's line drive with two outs in the 8th and the bases loaded I thought that was it for the Giants. Down 2-1, though, they rallied again in the bottom half as Casey McGehee singled to lead things off and Brandon Crawford smoked a triple to score pinch-runner Matt Duffy. With a runner on 3rd and no outs, it looked like the Giants might walk off with the win but LA closer Pedro Baez righted the ship and sent the game to extras. Santiago Casilla appeared ready to give it away in the 10th but struck out Adrian Gonzalez with two outs and the bases loaded to keep the tie. That was tense! In the bottom of the 10th, Maxwell got another chance to be the hero and he roped a no-doubt winner down the left field line to end it, scoring Angel Pagan. The team would not quit and kept scratching out chances and they finally paid off with a sensational come-from-behind victory.

Great work from starter Ryan Vogelsong who allowed two solo shots in six innings, retiring the last ten batters he faced. The 'pen kept it scoreless for the final four frames while LA's crew gave up two. With struggling FNG McGehee getting a big hit and struggling Vogie pitching well it was a good day for the ballclub. Did I mention the great Giants bullpen? A series sweep of the high-flying Dodgers was the perfect antidote to an otherwise ugly homestand. Now 7-10 after four wins in five games, the last two walk-offs, the home squad gets the thrill of a trip to Colorado for a weekend series. That place is goofy. Weird baseball happens there. They just played a 2-1 game--the Rockies beat the Padres today at Coors. What are they thinking?

Terrific afternoon of baseball for Giants fans and like I said just what was needed after the losing streak. Let's hope the 'mo' continues to flow.




Brother Bob said...

Maxwell was determined to win that game one way or another. It was so cool for him to get a second chance after being robbed by Kendrick.
We're still in last place and the Doggers are still in first but things feel a lot different now than 4 days ago. Our starting pitchers appear to have settled down, for the most part. A dependable Vogie would surely be a grand thing.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Yes! It would be a grand thing because Cain still hasn't picked a ball in anger and the Giants appears to be very cautious with Peavy as well, still talking about calming it down, and this time (implying last time they didn't) they will wait the necessary time for it to heal. Anybody a doctor here who can explain how long an SI joint takes to heal after it is out of place?

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Well, I'm no doctor, but hopefully somebody at this site is. :^)

It notes that typically it take 2-3 weeks to be painfree, but, BUT "that injured tissue takes approximately six weeks to restore the majority of its strength in ideal healing conditions."

I've never seen athletes being considered in ideal healing conditions, particularly pitchers, which suggests that Peavy will need to do no baseball activities for at least 3 weeks, just to get pain free, and if the Giants don't want it to recur, you would think the whole 6 weeks, before he would start exercising again, then at some point extended spring training, then finally rehabbing in the minors. Seems like he might not be back until mid-May.

Oh, and I heard Evans last night on KNBR (though might be a replay from previously interview) saying that Cain's flexors are in an intricate dynamic system with other body parts and thus they are taking it very slow with him (or something like that, memory's bad this morning).