Thursday, April 9, 2015

Giants outlast Padres

The Giants put on a pitching-and-defense clinic tonight in San Diego and came away with a 1-0 win. The bullpen picked up the theme from starter Tim Hudson and worked 5-2/3 scoreless after his 6-1/3 and that gave the club a chance to get a winning hit. Justin Maxwell finally delivered in the 12th and Santiago Casilla closed the door for the victory. Huddy walked five and gave up five hits but four double plays saved the day.

Tim Lincecum takes the hill tomorrow.




Ron said...

And Pagan hit a 3B off of Kimbrel ... that's cool, although, since we didn't score, a 5th 2B would have been awesome, too.

JC Parsons said...

Our first win when we probably deserved to lose. I mean an error to start the ninth and tenth innings!! A lead off triple that doesn't score in the ninth! Yikes!

The story so far has to be Brandon Crawford. His glove is beautiful, as expected, and his bat is explosive. If Belt has to miss some time, BCraw looks like he can make up the slack. Pagan also looks great at the plate so far, which is very impressive considering his time off.

I'm stoked to see what Lincecum has today. I hope he catches some breaks and gets off to a good start. We sure could use him to gobble up some innings. This is a whole new Tim era and I can't wait for it to begin.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

I find it ironic that you defend the honor of the bullpen in the last post, about how they shut down the D-backs and we didn't need the 2-run homer, going 3 innings, then say that we probably deserved to lose it when the bullpen shut down the Padres for 5.2 innings, with only 2 hits, no walks, and 6 strikeouts, that a DOM start if that was a starting pitcher!

Yeah, there were errors and the triple for nothing. How about the 16 LOB by the Giants and the CS by McGehee at 3B! Meanwhile, our guys shut down the Padres while they had 20 LOB.

But I guess it's potato POT-Tatoe, glass half full/empty. :^) When a team shuts out the other team for 12 innings, I think they deserve to win. Same with the Padres, 1 run in 12 IP, they deserved to win too, they did a heck of a job shutting us down. On the triple, they shut us down, but for the two errors, we shut THEM down, that should be a plus if you are calling it a minus what happened to Pagan's triple, right?

I believe in Crawford as a lower-middle type of hitter. He hits for enough power to be average in that context, 6 or 7. And when he is on, 5th is definitely a sweet spot for him, and he's going good now.

I think eventually, once he gets consistent, he'll be a plus hitter in the lineup for us, he has shown the ability before, but nagging injuries seem to take the bat out of his hands too much.

Pagan is amazing once he's healthy. What you say reminds me of how he came back from surgery in late 2013 and just ignited us to a fast finish (which unfortunately pushed our pick in 2014 back a lot, we could have had the 7th or 8th pick at one point, if I remember right, but I guess it worked out, we ended up with Beede, and I'm liking what he's got).

I'm stoked to see Timmy today too. I think he's ready for his resurgence and anxious to see him start a nice contract drive. Very good, I hadn't thought of that, this is a whole new Tim era, great point.

Brother Bob said...

The River Cats also won 1-0 in their opener. Adam Duvall led off the bottom of the ninth with a walk-off dinger that cleared the left field wall.
In the absence of Chris Heston, the opening day starter for Sac. was Robert Coello a tall 30 year old righty from New Jersey.