Friday, April 3, 2015

Giants have a new GM

Brian Sabean was the longest-serving GM in baseball and that streak has come to an end. He's been promoted! Underling Bobby Evans is now the titular General Manager. Both Boch and Sabes were extended through 2019. Only Buster Posey is signed with the Giants past that point.

I won't bore you with analysis or presume to understand the inner workings of the front office. Suffice to say things have been working well and let's hope this new scheme is just more of the same. Congratulations to Bobby Evans, to be sure. He's been more and more visible these last several seasons and it is obvious the organization thinks highly of him. Sabes gets some fancy new title and presumably an office with a better view or a bigger desk or maybe a personalized parking spot. Boch gets to still be Boch. Let's hope he got a raise.



p.s. In case you missed it in the comments on the previous post, I have an extra ticket for the Home Opener (Monday the 13th v. COL @ 1:35 pm). I have seven people in my party and a block of eight seats. We will be in View Box 321 Row A, right on the edge of the upper deck. It was a StubHub purchase so the seat will set you back a stack o'clams ($236.33 to be exact). If any of you RMCers out there want to go or have a friend in need contact me ASAP (

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