Friday, April 17, 2015

Giants Mount Comeb....oh, never mind

The Giants came back in the 9th to tie the game, only to give up a home run in the 10th.  They came back in the 10th to tie the game, only to give up two in the 12th.  They came back in the 12th, but not back enough.  They lost again, 7 in a row.

Madison Bumgarner was on the mound.  Madison threw 94 pitches and 71 of them were strikes.  That usually means a good game from Maddy, 70%+ strikes, but a couple, at least, were very hittable strikes.  He gave up 4 runs on 2 home runs, a solo shot to Mark Trumbo in the 2nd and a 3 run bomb on a fattie in the 5th to Paul Goldschmidt.  Madison gave up a total of 6 hits and walked 1, but those hits did a lot of damage.

The Giants scrapped.  Matt Duffy had 2 hits, including a single to score Blanco in the 9th and a double to score Belt in the 12th.  Joe Panik, dropped in the batting order, had 3 hits, including a triple to score Buster and tie the game in the 9th.  Brandon Crawford hit a 2-run bomb.  Ultimately, though, it was another L.  Arizona used all their relief pitchers, so maybe they are worn out a bit.  One can only grasp at straws.  Peavy up.


M.C. O'Connor said...

That one was a downer. Those two comebacks were immense, but then I could not believe they blew both chances to win. That really was a fat one to Goldschmidt. The guy is good enough already they don't need to make it easy on him.

At least they showed some life and fought back and were in a position to win. That beats folding meekly.

That catcher of theirs who stopped all those sinkers was impressive. Alas, we will not get that from Hanchez, much as I love the lad.

Anyway, I don't know what's left to say but "c'mon Giants, wouldya win a fucking game already?"

carmot said...

I know... 7 in a row. Offense has been bad. Starters up and down. Relievers been torched. But none of that is what hits me most.

It's the poor effort, the mindset. We're not playing like a solid, fundamentals-oriented team. Not even close. Overthrowing cutoff men, not backing up bases. The bloop to CF where our 1B or pitcher isn't covering 2B and the batter is allowed to trot in. Lincecum not backing up home plate. Peavy not being in the line-of-sight of a runner coming in from 3B (Maxwell?) to signal if he needs to slide or whatever. All the 2-strike and/or 2-out hits allowed. So many things we're not executing... That I think only take focus and effort- not even talent.

Well, Bradley nearly set an MLB record last night. No pitcher in the history of baseball has ever won 2 consecutive starts against the reigning CY Young and the World Series MVP. Bradley came within one out of doing this in his FIRST TWO major-league starts. Yeah, it's baseball. Go figure.

The Giants' combined team .230 AVG/.650 OPS puts us as a comp to having the 2014 version of BJ Upton, Ryan Howard, Chris Johnson, Jose Tabata, Chris Denorfia, and Dayan Viciedo at every single position in our lineup. Yeah. That is what it amounts to. And all those guys have either been paid to go away, been released, or are completely unwanted. Go figure.

Hopefully things turn around. FAST.

Brother Bob said...

It's Saturday morning, last night it just got worse. 9-0 to the Snakes. Peavey was no damn good. Everything was no damn good.
At least they get their rings today.