Thursday, April 30, 2015

Giants could use a good month

It wasn't pretty in LA last night despite the fact that the Giants actually got some hits and runs when Zack Greinke was pitching. That hardly ever happens. The best thing about the season so far is that they beat Clayton Kershaw twice even though he pitched well both times. The team is in last place with a 9-13 record, the same record as the highly-regarded, consensus pick to win the East Washington Nationals. That's right, the Nats had the same month the Giants had. Other than the fact that the Washingtonians have scored 26 runs in their last two games, that is. I think the Giants have scored 26 runs this season. Let's see, quick check, looks like they have. 66 runs so far this season. With 22 games played that's three runs per game and I didn't have to break out my slide rule. That's not enough runs. The team has allowed 94 and I don't think I have to tell you that is too many runs. I do need the slide rule for this one:

Yep, that's too many runs. 4.27 if your slide rule skills are a little rusty. Rusty or not, 4.27 is bigger than three. Like I said, the Giants could use a good month.

Off day today, Angels at AT&T tomorrow night. Chris Heston gets the nod.



p.s. I just noticed Baggs' tweet in the sidebar: The Giants' 9-13 record is their worst thru April in 24 years. In 19-season Sabean era, they've had a losing record on May 1 just 4 times.


Zo said...

Before yesterday, the Giants had only slightly outscored the doggers, 17 runs to 15, although the Giants had taken 3 of the 4 games. After yesterday, that difference is reversed, but the Giants still have the edge in wins. Our pitching staff is, in spite of some blowouts, pretty good. Our offense is good enough on those days when pitching is very good. It is, however, none too soon to start chipping away at the hole the losing streak put us in.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Giants have to keep it close to win. Dodgers can swing the bats and the Giants just don't have the firepower to play catch-up. Starters have to keep the lid on long enough, much like Greinke did even while the Giants were hitting him. A great play by Ethier saved two runs that would have made it 4-3 instead of 4-1, but the damage had been done. Vogie had bupkis! Petit has not looked particularly impressive but I suppose he'll have to get a turn if Vogie is tossing BP out there. I'd like to see what he can do with a start or two, maybe he can give the club a lift with a good month.

Baggs does a good job covering the team, don't you think? He mixes analysis and opinion well and does his homework and doesn't spew nonsense.

carmot said...

Oh dear. But, but, but... May won't be easy. We'll see the G's play 30 games in 31 days! Yup. The double-dipper at Coors Field falls on the 5th consecutive game day out of 14 straight. Yikes. So... our rotation; our bullpen; getting rest to guys like Posey, Belt, Pence(?), Crawford, Pagan will all be tough. Got 13 games in bandboxes- sure hope Duvall is up so Arias ain't starting those. If our starters are serving up cookies faster than Famous Amos, we're done for.

We're 4-9 when scoring 3 runs or less and 2-11 when allowing 3 runs or more. May is gonna test our resolve. Some roster decisions HAVE to be made. Seems like this month we'll find out if there's still some championship blood left. It won't be easy, but I can all but guarantee later months will be even tougher. Go Giants (?)

M.C. O'Connor said...

I was surprised they didn't push that DH back to September.

Ten games at home, May 1-10, then an off day.

Six on the road, then another off day on the 18th.

Then that killer stretch from the 19th to the 3rd of June, originally 16 games and now 17 with the DH in Colorado. BUT four off days in June!

May looks damn tough, as you say. But, you can't be champs if you don't rise to the occasion!

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

About the DH, it's a double edged sword: the team is at its most tired in September, and taking away an off day to replay the game or playing two, would tired them out even more, one would think.

Plus, on top of that, it's already a four game set in September, adding a DH (no off days there) would make it an unusual 5 game series.