Saturday, April 25, 2015

Giants use all the arrows in the quiver

Extra innings seems to be the Giants forte. They are now 3-1 when they need more than nine. Amazing effort tonight in a hostile park. Tim Hudson was terrific and the bullpen equally tough and that gave the lineup the chances they needed to score and win one against the Rockies. We saw it all: doubles, homers, walks, steals, and bunts; an offensive kitchen sink that just keep grinding and it eventually paid off. The team was 1-for-16 with runners in scoring position! The club really needed a win and now they have a chance to take the series tomorrow behind Tim Lincecum.

Great game and a great time seeing old friends as well. Good stuff tonight.



UPDATE: No game today due to rain in Denver. Make-up date TBD. Giants in LA tomorrow night!


Brother Bob said...

The team seems okay now and if Pence, Cain and Peavy all get well they'll be that much better.
So how to explain that 8 game losing streak? I have to think that part of it was all the We Are The Champions hoopla during home opener week. Enough is enough. Play ball already.
Last season the Giants proved that they don't just THINK they can turn it on at will, they KNOW they can turn it on at will.

JC Parsons said...

That was a truly excellent game, almost worthy of the company and wonderful food we enjoyed. Next time we should have you all out here!

For the record: on that play that Duffy may have been able to turn a double play or go home rather than let the tying run score: it looks like Casilla was right in his way to throw home, which explains his hesitation. I was very surprised and disappointed by the play last night, but upon further review it looked even harder than I thought at the time. Of course, we won and it doesn't matter...just wanted to give credit to Duffy. It feels like he isn't going any where for a while and with Casey still pounding them into the ground, Matt is going to get a ton of playing time

M.C. O'Connor said...

Baggs tweeted this (see sidebar):

Ron Wotus said Casilla didn't impede Duffy's throw. They said he had no play at plate or for 4-6-3. Only shot was to tag runner immediately.

Baggs also discussed the play in more detail and has more stuff from Wotus in his blog post:

I like the way the Giants don't panic or throw around blame. Hell, veteran infielders blow plays like that. It was one of those perfect tweener grounders that wasn't hit hard enough and probably wasn't going to turn out better no matter who picked it up. Except maybe Craw who is other-wordly. Not everyone can do what he can do!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Giants are really lucky to have a guy like Wotus around who knows everything and has seen everything and that's why rooks and FNGs integrate so smoothly into the system. He's the Dave Righetti of infielders.

Brother Bob said...

Sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes it rains.

Think about it.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Bumgarner and Cain, then pray for rain?

The 8 game losing streak was just some randomness that escalated because it was early season and caused some guys to press by trying to do more than they can. The pitching wasn't bad - though not great either - and with regular offense, we should have won at least two, and perhaps three, and a 3-5 is a whole different ball of string than 0-8.

I agree wholeheartedly about the Giants maturity as a team, as exemplified by their manager: even keel, treats men like men, with respect, shows the love, but it's a meritocracy, where the ultimate goal is to win it all, no matter what, everybody has a bad day, it is up to others sometimes to pick you up, just like you need to pick them up when they are having a bad day, and no throwing blame or being panicked in any way.

And there is a nuance between a smart move vs. a panicked move. Like what Mattingly did with Peralta, could be smart move in, say, the playoffs, when every win not only counts, but should be preserved at all costs, but not so smart when your regular closer is on the DL, it's early season, and you are trying to build the confidence of the replacement.

It is really like what those cheesy mottos they have for each season, Together We Are Giant, and stuff like that.