Saturday, April 30, 2016

Big Apple Blues

13-1 loss in NY
6-5 loss in NY 

After Jake Peavy and the 'pen got slaughtered on Friday night I was hoping for a better effort from Matt Cain today. It didn't happen and the Giants let the game get away from them early. They had an epic rally in the 8th to get close, a little extra on either ball from Hunter Pence or Brandon Crawford with the bases loaded and we might have seen a different result. Alas, it wasn't enough.

I'm at a loss about Cain. He struck out Yoenis Cespedes, impressively, with two on and one out in the 1st only to give up a walk to the next guy and then a two-RBI hit after that. Both batters were 0-2! The next inning he hit two guys (and almost hit two more) and they both scored. Just as it looked like he had settled in after that and the offense had rallied for three runs he gave up solo shots in each of his last two frames. Peavy was even worse as he couldn't get through the 3rd inning. At least Matty gave the team six. Fourth and fifth starters don't have to dominate. But they have to be competent! So far neither veteran righty is delivering the goods. That needs to change. I note that Mike Broadway got sent back to AAA and Vin Mazzaro was called up. Supposedly he's a "swing-man" candidate.

It's a long haul. Peavy showed last season that he could right the ship after a rough start as he pitched well at the end of the year. So at least he has a track record of turning it around. Cain is a bigger question mark, obviously, despite being younger. It's been a while since he's had any sustained stretch of success. I've felt all along that Matty would, if healthy, rediscover some of his old form. And he probably will--I am still optimistic about that. But man it's painful to watch him right now!

Big challenge tomorrow with Noah Syndegaard on the hill for the Mets. Good thing the Giants can counter with Madison Bumgarner. The weather may play havoc with the contest, though, so we'll have to wait and see.




nomisnala said...

Even during some of Cains good years, he had some very unpredictably poor periods where he seemed to not get it, but somehow the giants were able to turn him around.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Cain was one of the toughest and most consistent pitchers in baseball from the moment he came up until the end of the 2012 World Series. After that-- well, we've all seen it. Lots of miles on that arm. I still think he has something left. But only time will tell. I wish I could read the tea leaves!

Ron said...

Peavy is beyond hope - it's time to go to another option ... a Farmhand? Lincecum?!?

JC Parsons said...

The bottom of the rotation was supposed to be a team strength. Right now it just looks bottom. I, too, have faith that Cain is not done yet. Peavy is much more iffy. But I guess the best we can count on is a good month or two from each of them. People like Stratton, Heston, etc will have to step in if either one falls flat. Pretty much what every team, except the highest payrolls, have to deal with at the end of their rotation. Of course, I bet we have the highest paid #4 and 5 starters in the history of the game! Oh well.

This is a complicated game and the reasons for our uninspired start are plentiful. However, sometimes it is easy to identify a key factor. For example, it doesn't take long to realize our heart and soul, superstar catcher is doing JACK SHIT. A seven RBI month is about as bad as he can do. Hell, we all saw the Mets superstar get 6 RBI s in one inning ! And it was not in the midst of a team wide drought, Buster has been surrounded by big producers and still has barely contributed. Sure, I know he will come around, but a rotten start makes it super hard for him to have the great year we need from him. And I know Buster doesn't have to be the MVP for us to take it all....well, actually I don't know that. Our three rings are kind of directly linked to him, aren't they? Or maybe our lack of success was directly linked to his down time. Either way, I'm not saying anything radical here. We need Buster. And that is not the worst weakness to have because, let's face it : Buster will be there when we need him. Any minute now, really, you know that he will.

I just have to gush a bit more about Belt. Bochy is letting him bat more against the lefties and I completely understand. Brandon is a machine. Incredible plate discipline this year. I swear he has a better eye than the umpires. When ever I go to Gameday to check a close pitch, it seems that Belt is right and the ump is wrong every time! He seems to get a walk every game, no matter who's pitching. I hope he keeps this up cuz his numbers will be gaudy.

Have the doggers lost six in row now? Awwwww. Every team will have a bad spell, I guess

M.C. O'Connor said...

As I always say the only numbers that matter are team wins and team losses. It's not whether someone has an "MVP season" it's whether they play like MVPs when they have to. Buster will get his hits. This we know. Right now it's the pitching that's hurting the team. And I agree about Belt, he's been great. He's always been able to hit, let's hope this year he can avoid injury and stay in the lineup all season. He's had some bad luck in that department--he deserves a good stretch.