Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mad Cain'ed

Man, these games..........

3 - 2, Giants lose in 10.

I'm not one to believe in or comment on baseball gods, or horsehide kismet, or whatever.  You can do that if you want.  My philosophy is simple.  I want the Giants to crush the doggers, every time they meet.  Every time.

So, I am not happy.  The Giants were up against a very tough pitcher*,  Clayton Kershaw and they managed to get to hit two home runs.  That was worth 2 runs and it could have been enough, but it wasn't.  A walk, a single, and a hit batter by Santiago Casilla put Adrian Gonzalez at the plate with 1 out.  A double play ball.....was botched on a wet infield by Kelby Tomlinson to allow a run.  LA then scored in the 10th on two doubles.

Madison Bumgarner was on the hill and he gave us 6 very good innings.  He pitched himself in and out of trouble, and LA's first run came in the 3rd.  Madison gave up 3 singles and then hit Van Slyke for a run.  Well, kind of hit, more like sort of barely touched.  Not Van Slyke exactly, his uniform.  Bruce Bochy made a case that the batter has to at least try to get out of the way, but that is not something that is appeal-able.  So Madison gave up the 1 run, 6 hits, struck out 8, and walked only 1 in 102 pitches.  Casilla blew the save opportunity, Kontos got the loss.  Madison Bumgarner hit a home run - off of Clayton Kershaw!  So did Ehire Adrianza!  Those were 2 of only 4 hits Kershaw allowed in 8.  He struck out 5, walked 1 and threw 91 pitches.  You could say that Madison outpitched Kershaw - while he was in the game.  But he could not match his innings.

* A note here: the wisdom spewed out by the media was that the doggers had "questions about their rotation."  So far, their starters have given up 8 runs in 39.1 innings (6 starts).  That includes the 5 given up by Wood to the Giants after he blanked them for 4 and the 1 earned by Stripling because he walked the hitter in front of Trevor Brown.  Come on Giants, LA started the year with 10 guys on the DL.  10!  Make hay while the sun shines!

To end this post on a lighter note, let's count the Giants who have hit home runs:
Denard Span
Hunter Pence
Joe Panik
Matt Duffy (2)
Brandon Crawford (2)
Ehire Adrianza
Buster Posey
Trevor Brown
Madison Bumgarner


M.C. O'Connor said...

Kelby needed to make that play on Gonzalez' grounder. That was a bummer. But Casilla dug his own hole. Bad break, they had a real shot at winning that one.

JohnnyC tomorrow!

nomisnala said...

Hit batters were responsible or party responsible for each of the first two runs the giants gave up. Anytime you can actually beat Kershaw you need to do it. Both Belt, and Duffy hit shots that looked as if they would be gone when off the bat, only to be AT and Teed. Would have loved a win today, but its baseball and stuff happens. The first two games in the series stuff happened to the bums today to us. I thought he might pinch hit Crawford when he pinch hit Panik, just for the specific match up.

JC Parsons said...

That hurt. It is probably going to come down to the last week against these guys and we gave them a "W". Castillo was a bit ragged but he got their superstar to do exactly what we needed to win. We just failed to have the right guy out there. You can see Tomlinson cringing and spasm as soon as the ball gets to him. A simple choke; it happens. However, the coaches are never allowed to choke. I bet money that they will never let Panik stay on the bench for the bottom of the ninth again. Or even Crawford, since Adrianza is OK but not close to as good. Both of those guys were available and that will never happen again.

MOC, Steve and I are heading out pretty soon for the park. Going to meet up with Zo, Ron, etc. for a day in the Arcade. Sec 148 y'all. Come out and say hello.

I figure to take many photos ( and video! ) so look for that in the next few days.

nomisnala said...

We got them back on Sunday after they took a 5-0 lead. I have not run any stats yet, but it just seems to me as if there are a lot of home runs being hit all over baseball so far. In Colorado they are saying "Tulo who?"