Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vlog #6 : "A Loss to be Remembered"

We lost again, and, yes, that is 8 losses in the last 9 games.  Ugly indeed. But a loss that can and will be shed, so please try to stay calm.  And positive.  You will live longer.

Some losses seem especially hard to take.  R.I.P.  Prince

RMC Vlog #6

"You don't have to be cool to rule my world"


M.C. O'Connor said...

A fine bourbon you've got there, lad. And is it just yourself? Pity to be drinking alone.

Saw Prince back in the day, in Oakland. Fookin' brilliant. Sad, yeah?

In the meantime we've got our bleedin' gobshite Giants wavin' their bats and bootin' the ball. But it's our lot to suffer, ain't it? And we'll be in God's pocket soon, yeah?

Ron said...

This performance was mentioned on NPR this morning - kind of steals the show (approx. last 2 minutes of song):

Brother Bob said...

I learned of Prince's death on I-80 near Davis, driving to the game. Feels very similar to the loss of Bowie. Both known more for their flair than for their songs. Each had maybe 4 songs I could identify. Which says more about me than them.
Anywho... I found my seat one moment before Renel said "And now ladies and gentleman, please rise etc" which felt propitious.
Yet before I knew it we were behind 1-0. Then we stranded a runner on third once again and so on. You know what a crappy game it was.
But our rally, 4 walks and a DP, OMG how ridiculous was that?
I missed the Tomas HR because I went for a walk to see the garden. Very cool. While there I saw Amy G. taping a spot, or perhaps it was live, I don't know. I have a bit of a crush on her. (All women are prettier when they're at a ball game.)
I had a small polish with Guldens and onion and a standard Coors. $18. Jesus.
Most fun, we saw the last inning thru the fence behind Pence. Nice ass. So when whoever hit that shot to the corner Pence just disappeared and I didn't know what happened immediately but the crowd was NOT happy and then the ball reappeared shooting back to the infield.
So that was actually very cool, except for the revolting result.
The ticket was a gift. I am not glad I went. There were thousands of empty seat at all times although of course it was officially another sellout. BS.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Williamson down, Gillaspie up.