Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vlog #3 : Preparing for a Trip to the Homeland

We must be very excited!  Two posts on the same day!  I suppose we have good reason.  A great team is about to start an EVEN NUMBERED YEAR.  If that isn't enough,  how about going to see this team at their magnificent home ballpark? Against their arch rivals?  This is likely my only trip to AT&T all year, so, please, watch the episode linked below and give me some helpful advice.

Vlog #3


M.C. O'Connor said...

We went to the Opener in 2011 and sat in the CF bleachers. In the late afternoon a stiff breeze came off the Bay and the temperature must have dropped 20 degrees. Half the section cleared out! It was like the old days at the 'Stick. And I've sat in the LF bleachers and damn near gotten heat stroke. Like everywhere in SF the weather is best in the fall. That means October baseball, right?

I really like the whole experience of walking to the park. Sure beats the crazy drives back in the day from the East Bay.

M.C. O'Connor said...

BTW the 2011 Opener was my all-time favorite moment as a Giants fan. They of course had the championship ceremony and "raised the flag" for the 2010 World Series win. Been to lots of thrilling games but nothing beat that.

JC Parsons said...

MOC : Hey, looks like you changed your blog pic to one from Raley Field. A Jesus profile!

Last game I went to was stinky but I got to experience the Club Level. That was excellent. Very easy to get drunk, if you are rich, of course. The Arcade should be very different. For example, is it sunny the whole game out there?

We may very well go out after the game, although my car has to head back to SacTown promptly. Either way, some kind of small munch is required. Any one have a better idea than the classic garlic fries? Anyone been out to that garden area yet?

How about a quick survey of favorite statues: Actually a tough choice for the best...I go with Juan's , that pose is amazing. Worst one is easy: the stupid seal near the dock...duh. Is that still there?

Did I mention that I'm a bit psyched for my road trip? Oh well, first comes today's opener against the horrid Brewers. MOC is coming over so I better get all the orange and black treats ready. Talk to everyone soon!

Go Giants!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Funny, I LIKE the seal! I guess the worshipful bronzes of ballplayers get a little tiresome. It's all the rage at ballparks. Altho I understand Milwaukee has a bronze of Seligula.

Russian River said...


Brother Bob said...

PhoneCo ballpark is swell. I'm glad I've been there a few times but it wouldn't bother me if I never went there again. I'm not wild about sellout crowds and that's all you get there. Basically I think "They don't need my money." The fans are too precious, with all their costumes and signs and props.

SIR said...

My fave day was last years Opener - we sat in The Front Row of the upper deck - not under any cover or with anyone in front of us besides The Giants! Views of the bay and the team galore.
Since we were at the very first game, 2000 Opener, in our Charter Seats we've been to many games and I agree with BroBob that the "Precious" fans can be hard to take at times. In the front row surrounded by our group I felt as into the game as I could possibly be.