Thursday, April 14, 2016

Colorado Collapse

11-6 loss in Denver
Matt Cain looked like the stud of yore in the first four innings, allowing only one hit (to the pitcher) and whiffing five. But in the 5th the wheels came off and he could only get two outs with forty pitches and had to be relieved trailing 3-1. The pitcher, Jorge de la Rosa, plated two with another hit. With the bases loaded Chris Heston came in and allowed two doubles and a single and by the time the inning was over it was 9-1 Colorado. Nine is the most runs ever scored in one inning by a Rockies team against the Giants. This history-making event comes on the heels of Jake Peavy allowing an historic 10 extra base hits yesterday. I like history, but not that kind. Just before the fateful 5th the Giants had a chance for a big inning in the 4th but could not get the clutch hit. You know how it goes with missed opportunities, it seems that just gives the other guys a big lift.

The Giants battled back gamely to make it close (9-6), capped in the 8th by a two-run homer from Brandon Belt. He smoked four line drives today, two were hit right to infielders (one a double play) and two went for hits. Just keep that up, BB, and the results will come. His line is a sweet .333/.429/.667 in 42 PA.

It was a great first act at Coors Field with Jeff Samardzija and Trevor Brown leading the team to a win. The second act was ugly, with Peavy getting clobbered, but we know that sort of thing happens at that effing park. The third act was a tragedy. Matt Cain fell off a cliff after a scintillating start. Heston got hammered, and Hunter Strickland gave up a two-out two-run double to make the deficit five and that's how it finished. The Giants scored twelve runs in the final two games but were soundly beaten as their starters could not get it done.

It's Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw tomorrow night in Los Angeles.



p.s. In the "there's more bad news" department, Sergio Romo was sent back to SF to have his elbow looked at so he's not available this weekend.

p.p.s. Nolan Arenado is once again torching Giants pitching and making ridiculous plays in the field to turn hits into outs. Man, that guy is good!


M.C. O'Connor said...

Sergio goes to the DL with a flexor strain.

I don't pay much attention to the medical jibber-jabber. "Injury" works for me. Regardless, this sucks. But, it's a chance for us to see an FNG. I like to put a positive spin on things. Who they gonna call?

Brother Bob said...

At least Trevor Story didn't hit any dingers off us.

Zo said...

Plus Crawford is questionable for tonight, Adrianza is hurting because he hit a ball off of his foot, and Panik banged himself diving for a ball. None of them go on the DL, but all sore to go to LA. Once again, the Giants flail and fail against the weak Rockies.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Adrianza on the DL for six weeks. As much as I like him, and it's a shame given his good start, but this could be the final straw for the Giants, he's been so injury prone, like a modern day Chris Brown, if you all recall him. Not that they'll just get rid of him, but if they need a spot, they might just put him on the 60-day and leave him there.

Romo is also on the DL, unsure when he'll be back, beat writer noted probably four weeks, but at least 15 days, for sure. Derek Law is the FNG, excited to see what he can do up here.

Looks like the move to keep Guerrin around pays off, keeping 13 pitchers, perhaps they already suspected something with Romo already. The talk was that he could be Romo's replacement since Romo's contract is up after this season. I speculated that Heston might get sent to AAA to allow the Giants to keep Guerrin, but now Law can be sent back down, if necessary, plus, the way Peavy is pitching, if he continues to struggle, Heston might be moving into the rotation by June/July.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ah, that's rotten news about Adrianza. I really thought he would put it together this year and be a major leaguer. Hell, he hit that HR off Kershaw!! Alas, I think you are right, the Giants will have to make that final decision about him. Is Christian Arroyo too young to get called up?

As I write this the Giants and Bum are getting whipped by LA/Kershaw. Yuck. Maybe they can conjure up five runs and win it, eh?

I like Gearrin. Looks like they will need him!