Saturday, April 9, 2016

Holy Shit, No One's Posted Yet?

Everyone too exhausted?  What a game!  I thought for awhile the post would have to be "No-hit by Nobody" because, you know, the Giants seemed to be living up to their venerable tradition of making unheard of pitchers look like Cy Young.

But Dave Roberts!  I have no doubt that he will be answering questions about last nights game for - well, for the rest of his career.  I guess he decided to pull his rookie pitcher, Ross Stripling, after 100 pitches.  But he never thought that doing so would fuck up a no-hitter.

2 hits for the Giants.  Total.  In 10 innings.  That was enough, Giants 3 - Dave-Roberts-will-never-admit-in-public-what-must-be-killing-him-in-private's team 2.

Yow.  Details here.  Commentary practically everywhere.  Matt Cain pitched pretty well.

It's very wet today - but no more than drizzly.  Be careful!


Brother Bob said...

Thanks, Zo, your headline is pretty much what I said to myself this morning when I logged in.
The comment amount Cain is funny, I almost forgot about him. Not bad at all.
Today's game should be special, if the sky gods allow it. I hope there's some drama left for Sunday.

Zo said...

Brandon Belt apparently has a new deal for 6 years for about $75 million.

M.C. O'Connor said...

My internet crapped out on me. I saw the game and Matty and the almost no-no and the two homers but I could not post about it. Great stuff, man. Incredible game.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Yep, exciting news about Belt, I had been hoping for a long while, and the contract isn't as bad as some had said, that he wanted something like Freeman. Downer that they lost the game the way they did before the presser but that's life sometimes. He gets a limited no trade clause covering ten teams, as well, and we bought out his free agent years at $16M per, not to shabby at all.