Monday, April 11, 2016

Thoughts about the young season

I am happy about the Brandon Belt extension. He's an excellent player who can hit for average and power, get on base at a good clip, field his position well, and run the bases with speed and skill. What's not to like? In terms of numbers, a "win" on the free agent market costs about $8M these days and Belt will be making $16M/year for the final four years (2018-21) of the deal. Looks like a bargain to me. The team is "serving notice" that they intend to keep the core together and Buster Posey behind the plate. Can you imagine what kind of extension MadBum will get? Kudos to Sabes, ownership, and BobbyE for getting the job done. The Baby Giraffe will be in orange and black for a nice long while!

Saw some great baserunning yesterday as both Denard Span and Hunter Pence had to make slick, creative slides at home to score. Both were safe on close plays. I'm not the biggest fan of stolen bases as a key weapon. Don't get me wrong, they are nice--and necessary--arrows to have in the quiver, but speed and savvy are more important. Scoring from first on a hit to the gap, for example, is a huge thing. Guys need to have a nose for the plate and need to be able to take extra bases on balls in play. And the new collision rule means opportunity for baserunners to be creative and put pressure on the catcher to be athletic. Good thing the Giants have Buster Posey who seems to have made the sweep tag his signature play.

We have yet to see the rotation settle in and show us what they can do. Got a great start from MadBum against Kershaw. Got a great start from Cueto in Milwaukee. Got a fine effort from Matt Cain against LA. But we need a few more turns before we can do any analysis. I was happy watching Matty. He looked good. I figure if he is being "Cain'd" that means life is normal! Obviously the new guy, Samardzija, is a key figure. I think if he can use that splitter/forkball effectively he could be a groundball machine which plays to the team's strength. I think he will figure it out and be a solid contributor.

That's enough for now. Here's a few more pictures from yesterday:

That seriously hairy dude is me. Didn't need the jacket--or the sunglasses.

My dear friends Ron and Susanna. Good times!

Giants hit the road tomorrow for three in Denver followed by three in LA. Looks like MadBum v. Kershaw again on Friday. Wow.



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Zo said...

The number of Giants who have hit home runs is now 11.