Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Battling Tim

Game Summary:
The two teams with the second best record in the NL (61-51), our Giants and the first place Milwaukee Brewers, did just what they should have done: played a close, hard fought, playoff quality game. Like so many of those contests, this one was decided by the long ball.  Unfortunately, the Brew Crew is a wee better at that game (at least, right now) and they took the series opener, 4-3.

Tim Facts:
Start #23  N.D.  (9-7, 4.22)  6 innings  7 hits  3 runs   3 earned runs   1 walks   8 strikeouts  1 hr

Not his best, but considering how tough this lineup is and how pitcher-unfriendly the ballpark is, Tim did pretty good.  The high-ish strikeout total is probably due more to the free swinging style of the Brewers, but he did have good stuff today.  Timmeh started by slicing through the first eight batters, but then, BAM: two pitches, two runs. This game can turn so quickly!

High and/or Lowlights:
A shaky Machi giving up a lousy HR to former snake Parra is what cost us the game but it is hard to get mad at our bullpen. That run broke a string of 23 scoreless innings!  That is the best such streak since 2010. 
Another game where the bottom of the order disappeared: 0-16 for the #5-9 spots!
That makes two multiple hit games in a row for Joe Panik.  I think he may be the guy that sticks at 2B.
I guess it is noteworthy that some wacky (and ineffective) moves by Bochy led to Pence in center and Belt in right field at the end.  Actually, I'm not sure why it is noteworthy ....


Zo said...

Pablo looks good of late, doesn't he?

Brother Bob said...

Pablo is indeed hot. He's the one who might be the key to the offense. He has the ability to be a superstar, that's been obvious for a long time.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

It was noteworthy because Pence played CF for the first time since, like, his rookie season, many moons ago.

I partially blame Lincecum for not extending the game into extra innings. How do you give up a hit on the first pitch to the opposing pitcher? Then give up a homer? Got to keep the ball down in that situation.

But man, I recall long ago a rumor of the Giants trading Sanchez for Gomez, when he was with the Mets. Luckily that was not done, as we needed him during the playoffs in 2010 and we got his no-no, but Gomez would have been a nice pickup after the 2010 or 2011 season, I wonder how much Brewers would have wanted for him then?

But yeah, the bottom of the lineup stunk it up good. But how much can we expect out of Perez and Susac?

And Crawford unfortunately, is still in his hitting funk that started with his picking up the Crud. He should be healthy by now, but maybe his strength isn't back up to par.

He has just been striking out way too much since late June, he just started striking out a storm starting June 24, and it just hasn't stopped since, he needs to tone that down some. Maybe the Crud caused him to foul off pitches he could hit before, but something is still way off. Maybe Duffy should get the starts at SS for rest of MIL, and Crawford get a rest/reset/rethink like Morse is getting.