Thursday, August 28, 2014

Buster Plays Hero Again

Buster Posey rescued the Giants again with a two-run shot in the 9th to beat the Rockies 4-2. It's fun to see him return to form. Last year he had two homers total after the Break. I wondered why Boch took out Hudson, but I was cool with Casilla, he's been deadly. It didn't work out. I suppose they want to keep the old guy fresh. I wondered why the Giants couldn't score more than two runs in eight innings against the goddamn worst road team in the world. I'm still wondering. When they get good start against a weak team they should thrash 'em. Speaking of good starts, that's three in a row. Yusmeiro Petit gets the ball this afternoon.



p.s. This is pretty cool:


Zo said...

Well, one reason is that it seems like almost no one is hitting (Pagan kind of an exception) except Buster. I hope Yusmiero does well. It has been pointed out that he has not shined in starting roles this year, although I seem to remember a start last year at the end of the season when he nearly threw a no hitter. Also, I am not convinced that Lincecum should be in a relief appearance. In 2012, the impression was that he tended to go through the lineup once before he got into trouble. Now, he can be in trouble at any time, including from the first pitch. A break (which is what he is getting) may be more useful for him than actually working in relief.

Ron said...

Great win last night!

This Brian Sabean quote scares the shit out of me:

"At the end of the year, ... your left fielder that you’ve fallen in love with has got a chance not to be back with the team, or you may have to pick and choose due to budget considerations."

Has anyone actually fallen in love with a lumbering defensive liability with a bunch of holes in his swing? He is the wrong type of player for our ballpark, his net impact is not positive, & we can do much better. With Belt back, he won't even have to do emergency duty at 1B, where we can hide some of his liabilities.

Zo said...

The Giants have recorded 16 blown saves this season. 9 of them have been by Casilla and Romo. No surprise there, they have had the bulk of the save opportunities. Romo has 5 blown saves, Casilla 4, Affeldt 3, Lopez 2 and Machi and Gutierrez 1 each. 2 of the blown saves have been against Arizona, 3 of them have been against LA and 7 have been against Colorado.

Zo said...

I have to admit to liking Morse as a personality. I love the way he grins when he gets a hit. However, Ron has a point. We signed the guy for power. He hit 13 home runs through June 5 (back when the Giants were doing really well) and 3 since. His contract is up this year. Sabean was probably making a reference to the decision that is coming for the Panda, who is also, I think, eligible for free agency. However, it is always best not to pay too much attention to what Brian Sabean says.

Brother Bob said...

For the record, my sister Katie is in love with Michael Morse. It mostly has to do with him being built like Greek God, having an amazing smile and a lot of personality. When he gets a big hit he gets so happy it just makes you happy too.