Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Giants Dunn in by Sox

It seemed crazy for White Sox manager Robin Ventura to put Adam Dunn, the prototypical DH, in the field last night. And right field, too, of all places--first base is more of Dunn's speed. Nonetheless it paid off right away for the Sox as the big slugger launched a two-run homer in the 1st off Ryan Vogelsong. The Giants looked like they'd go quietly, wasting another fine start by Vogie, but somehow they rallied to tie the game in the 9th. Getting Chris Sale out and the bullpen in made a big difference. Gordon Beckham dashed the home team's hopes with a slick double play in the 9th to curtail the rally and likely save the game. He also got the hit that beat Santiago Casilla in the 10th to send the Giants to their fifth straight loss. The team has scored nine runs in those five games.

The 62-57 Giants are six back in the West with 43 games to play. To get to 90 wins they'd have to go 28-15 or play .651 ball the rest of the way. The Giants have only won 20 games since June 8th when they were on top of the world at 42-21. They've lost 36 in the same stretch--a .357 pace. The 69-52 Dodgers are on pace for 92/93 wins, and even if they went 21-22 in their final 43 they'd finish with 90 wins. Pittsburgh and St. Louis are a nose ahead in the Wild Card standings. It might take only 87/88 wins to get a spot, but that still means the Giants have to play .600 ball. The math, like the team, ain't pretty.

Jake Peavy gets the ball this afternoon. It would be nice to see the team win a goddamn game.




Brother Bob said...

I think I know the real reason Robin Williams killed himself.

Brother Bob said...

Too soon?

Ron said...

Since the Giants suck ass right now, I figured that I'd let you know about this band we saw (part of our nearby Sunday evening free concert series in the park 5 blocks from our place). They always have great bands. Last Sunday was this local guy, Aaron Meyer, a violinist, & his band, featuring his main collaborator, an awesome guitar player & true personality named Tim Ellis, plus an excellent keyboard player, bass player, percussionist, & drummer. They played a wind range of music, but concluded (no shit) with the following:

Flamenco-style number ->

Cat Stevens' 'Wild World' interlude incl. audience chorus ->

'The Other One' (w/o vocals) ->

Crazy finishing jam

It was pretty stupendous - a long standing ovation ensued, followed by a rare after-the-supposed-time-limit-for-that-park encore (which was a little more sedate)!

Ron said...

After I wrote that last post, I suddenly realized that the game was on, quickly logged into MLB-TV, & arrived just in the nick of time to see Dunn hit another HR. Come on, clowns ... get some runs & take some of the heat off of our Pitchers ... seriously!

Ron said...

Yay - we win!!!!

Here is a video of what I was talking about - the transition to 'The Other One' starts at about the 4:00 mark & continues for awhile after that. Enjoy - post-Victory style!

Ron said...

Forgot the link: