Friday, August 26, 2016

Missed it by THAT much!

4-0 win in LA
FNG Matt Moore showed why the Giants were interested in him with a dazzling near-no-hitter in Chavez Ravine last night. For 8-2/3 it looked like it just might happen but rookie phenom Corey Seager hit a single to right on Moore's 133rd pitch. Regardless, it was a great performance by the lefty and a much-needed win for the club. That's 18 innings and one run scored from LA's high-flying offense. Just goes to show you what good pitching can do. Add in some run-scoring and you've got the formula. Last night Joe Panik followed a run-scoring single from Brandon Belt with a two-run homer and that was just what the doctor ordered. The Giants desperately need to add some pop to their attack. Doubles and triples can work too, but home runs always work. I did not expect this to be a slugging team but Pence, Posey, Belt, BCraw--these guys can go yard, we've seen it, it's time to see it again. Match it up with good starts and that's the way forward and out of the funk. It's easy to get over-excited about the big win but the streaks have to start somewhere. How about here and now?

Jeff Samardzija takes on the Braves and Joel De La Cruz tonight in San Francisco.




Ron said...

What a performance by Moore, but it seemed a bit reckless to send him out for the 9th. I know that, as a fan, I was hoping for it, too, but:

- On his first pitch in the 9th, he equaled his all-time high pitch count.

- He had already long surpassed his post-Tommy John Surgery all-time high pitch count.

- On his first pitch in the 9th, he equaled the 2016 MLB high pitch count (i.e. everyone in the entire major leagues).

I am starting to hate Corey Seager with the white hot intensity previously reserved for characters like Steve Garvey. Game after game, we can't get him out - then, that bloop piece of shit to break up the no-hitter.

A few tidbits which may not have been covered on the Giants' broadcast (I was watching MLB Network, which picked up Vin Scully):

- The Giants would have become the first Team in ML history to have no-hitters in 5 consecutive seasons. (I hate Corey Seager.)

- Jesse Chavez is the first Dodger ever named Chavez. So, the first Chavez to play his home games in Chavez Ravine.

Now, if we can just beat the Braves! Go Giants!!!!

Zo said...

I believe that no SF Giant has ever no-hit the LA team.

I did not expect this. I hope he's not pissed at me for my "tits on a boar" comment, but if this is the result, Moore, please.

carmot said...

That was dope. Thank you Giants! Loved it. Moore showed what he's capable of, and we'll need it. Roberto had a nice decision to green light Crawford and challenge that throw on Belt's single. Joe Panik, baseballer. I just love watching him make an impact. Geez, I think my teeth nearly fell out of my mouth when Span barely grabbed that fly ball in left-center- and I don't even wear dentures. Then, another one in the ninth! Woo-Hoo!

Sure hope Matt will be strong for his next go and plenty Moore to come, that he got plenty of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for his arm. Sure, streaks have to start somewhere. Go Giants.

Ron said...

Yes, Vin mentioned that, too (no SF Giant having no-hit the Dodgers, not the 'tits on a boar' thing).

I just hope Moore has something left for his remaining starts. His pitch count was fine, until the 7th & 8th. The Umpire was weird - he got some borderline calls, but didn't get some others. So, on balance, I thought that his pitch count wasn't elevated due to the Ump. Utley & some other guy fouling off a thousand pitches was what sent the pitch count up. At least Utley whiffed in the end - very satisfying. What a dick that guy is - perfect Dodger.

Ron said...

As suspected, Pence may be out again. Yikes! Our OF is a bit thin right now. Next week, we'll have Parker & Williamson again (if Williamson is over his injury). Wouldn't hurt to throw Belt out there for a game or two, & let Posey recuperate some of his vitality at 1B.

carmot said...

Zo: According to ESPN, "[Moore] almost became the first Giants pitcher to no-hit the archrival Dodgers since 1915, when New York's Rube Marquard stopped Brooklyn." Their report uses phrasing that doesn't specify if he was the ONLY Giant to ever do so.

Yes, you are correct: no SF Giant has ever no-hit the LA Trolley Dodgers.


Ron said...

Actually our buddy, Vin, had that covered, too - I think that he was at both of these games:

July 31, 1891, Amos Rusie no-hit the Brooklyn Grooms
April 15, 1915, Rube Marquard no-hit the Brooklyn Robins

carmot said...

Ah yes, Ron, those pesky Bridegrooms. Long ago, some called their team "The Infants."

Vin prolly was there. lol.

M.C. O'Connor said...

We could only get the LA feed the last two nights on MLB audio and so we got this Scully-ism: "Hunter Pence looks like they wind him up and unleash him on the field." And that midwestern twang (he's a Mick from NYC, can't figure it) that gives us Eduardo "NONE-ez" and Johnny "QUET-oh." I have to admit I'll miss the guy when he's gone. He calls the damn game even if he's telling some dumb story. The game facts come first and without a lot of hype and BS--I really appreciate that. He tells you what the fuck is happening!

M.C. O'Connor said...

And as far as Pence goes it seems we have to face the reality that our one-time iron man has gotten old. He played 1/3 of a season last year and will play a little more than half a season this year. Regardless of how 2016 turns out for the Giants a 33-year old right fielder is a serious question mark going forward. Cain, Romo, Lopez, Peavy, Pagan, Casilla, Blanco are all on the wrong side of 30 and declining. We'll see how Span holds up. The team will have to inject some more youth into the roster next year and beyond.