Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On to Chicago

4-2 win in SF
This was one of those grind-it-out wins, the kind we thought we'd see a lot of in the second half, alas they are few and far between and seem much more difficult than they ought to be. Matt Moore kept it going with 5-1/3 and only one run allowed, a nice play from Gorkys Hernandez in center to catch a screamer from Paul Goldschmidt kept it close but also brought forth the bullpen. They hemmed and hawed, as is their wont, but they ultimately got it done and the Giants had a win. The Giants won the game. That's big news. They finish August 11-16 for a .407 rate, pretty piss-poor for this club. Nice to see Joe Panik finding his stroke and moving up in the order, not so nice to see Brandon Belt continue to look like he can't see. The Giants will need him to find his stroke on this 11-day, 10-game road trip.

It's Wrigley Field next: Jeff Samardzija gets a homecoming, he was drafted by the Cubs in 2006 and spent parts of seven seasons with them. The best team in baseball (84-47, .641) is smokin' hot again, they've only lost six games this month and only twelve since the Break.




Zo said...

This was not a good game. Arizona manufactured a run because Strickland doesn't do the men-on-base thing. They stole 3 bases because our pitchers weren't paying attention. Romo used 24 pitches to get through 2/3 of an inning. Casilla gave up a home run (I guess we should be thankful that he pitched to the batters rather than walking a couple before Lamb). We couldn't so much as move Crawford to third base from second in the 6th. Hits with RISP 3 for 13. That might be an improvement. Were it not for a sunny sky, Pagan wouldn't have scored in the 7th. A better title might have been, "Giants Eke Out Split with Deservedly Almost Worst Team in Division." Moore looked good, though.

Zo said...

Here's a fun stat: After every day off since the ASB, we have lost. Of course, we came out of the break rested and ready to drop 6 straight. July 21, followed by a loss to the Yankees; August 1, followed by a loss to the Phils; August 11, followed by a loss to the Orioles; August 22 followed by a loss to the doggers; and August 29, followed by a loss to the snakes. God, I hope when the next day off comes (just before we go to Arizona) Bochy makes them take grounders for hours with a bunch of folding chairs on the field.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ty Blach gets the call-up. Will he start in place of Cain/Peavy/Suarez??

M.C. O'Connor said...

Dodgers got a 2-out 9th-inning slam in Denver to avoid a DH sweep. Giants could use some of that magic. They are getting big performances by their nobodies. Time for that to happen to the orange-and-black.

I'll most likely miss tonight's game (5:05 Pacific) as we will be going out to hear some music. The rest of the games are at 11:20. Boch says Cain or Suarez will start Friday, so Blach will have to wait.

Ron said...

We're a fucking joke. We go to a hitters' park (no matter which way the wind is blowing, it's a hitters' park) & get 6 hits total in 2 games. We're a fucking joke. At least we didn't use 7 Pitchers today.