Thursday, August 14, 2008

Screw the ballgames, this is news


As Lefty points out, this guy Baggarly is on top of things. Let's hope we get confirmation from the Giants soon.

F-Lew with another studly jack--when he hits 'em, they really go. That ball was launched!

UPDATE 11:30 am RE POSEY: Again, Andrew Baggarly's blog (Extra Baggs) is the source. READ THIS.


Brother Bob said...

The Castillo era is over. For the hell of it I thought I'd dredge up some current stats on another ex-Giant :

P. Feliz G 99 AB 340 HR 12 RBI 46 AVG.256 OBP .304 SLG .424

J. Castillo G 112 AB 394 HR 4 RBI 35 AVG .244 OBP .290 SLG .381

The Pablo Sandoval era is now underway. The guy is HUGE. I turned on today's game just in time to see him do a passed ball which led to the tying run. Can the boy play ML ball?

JC Parsons said...

The Posey news is great. I was afraid he wanted $10 million and the Giants would freak out. As I said last night at MOC's, my expectations for this guy are sky high (at least something is high!). I say he is our everyday catcher by about this time next year. Think Will Clark, our first "Golden Spike" ...hum, there's that gold reference again...

I saw Pablo's PB , a tough pitch but a big muff. I did miss Pablo's first ever AB... EXCEPT my lunatic best friend, the aforementioned MOC, actually called and left a voice mail "call", pitch by pitch, every detail. It was great. More than that it was a shining example of GREAT FANDOM. Good work, dude. It made my day. Oh, one more thing...

PABLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I think you meant:


Zo said...

Sorry I missed it. I was out drinking. The Giants have driven me to this.