Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scouting Report

San Jose Municipal Stadium
May 21, 2009

Parking: $8
Ticket: $15 (row 2 right behind the plate)
16 oz. Budweiser: $5

Buster Posey was the DH today, so I can't report on his defense.
His stance- he bends his knees quite a bit and hold his torso very straight up. I almost detected a bit of Rowand-like leaning back, but no, not really. He holds his hands high and waggles the head of the bat lazily just off his right shoulder.
In the 3rd inning he hit a nice RBI single.
In the 7th he hit a no-doubt-about-it 2-run homer over the left field fence!
That was clearly the highlight of my day, as the Giants pretty much sucked otherwise and lost 8-4.
Angel Villalona CANNOT lay off the high and tight fastball. In his first AB the count was 0-2 and the next pitch, I thought it was going to hit him on the chin, but danged if he didn't swing away at it. His second AB ended almost identically, the final swing-and-miss being at a more routine high and tight pitch.
Nick Noonan got a hit, Conor Gillaspie did also, but basically they did not impress.
One guy I never heard of that impressed me was Roger Kieschnick, a big 22 year-old outfielder. He's got some nice numbers.


JC Parsons said...

Great report!! I am SO JEALOUS.

Didn't some of us go to San Jose to see Will the Thrill?? When was that? I'm old. I remember very little, help me out.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yes, we did. It was at the end of the 1985 season. We actually went down to the rail when the game was over and talked to Will. We told him we hoped we'd see him at the 'Stick next year, to which he replied, in his famous screeching drawl, "you can count on it!" He was something special. I wonder if Buster has that same magic. Whaddya think, Bob?

Bob said...

Buster strikes me as a complete square with little personality, but I hope I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure he'll be a special player.
Did Will hit a homer for you? I don't think so.
Another point: Villalona's other two ABs lasted one pitch each, a weak grounder and a popup. He's still very raw.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Square is good. I like square.

Will was a dorky, Southern-fried hick. But he was focused. That's what I want. Baseball nerds.

Bob said...

Of course my suppositions about Posey are based on nothing substantial. But I saw him play, so I'm now officially the resident Posey expert.

tubesox nation said...

Love the on-the-spot reporting . . . find more of it at Tubesox Nation, your downturn baseball blog.