Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorable Day

Quite a day for Travis Ishikawa, don't you think? Quite a day for the club, too. I didn't think the Giants had this in them--13 hits including 3 doubles and a homer, and a string of curly numbers. What was it Earl Weaver said? "Pitching, fielding, and extra-base hits?" Something like that! It was a fine day to relax with Flemm and F.P. and listen to the Giants thump on the Braves. No place like home, I reckon, seeing that we are 14-8 at AT&T. Jonathan Sanchez had an early exit after seeming to unravel and failing to get an out in the 6th, but he still put up a Game Score of 54. Today, with the Giants flashing big wood, that was good enough for a win.

There didn't seem to be any more of that GM-buzz, that Sabean-news, that Candlestick eddy of hot dog wrappers we call swirling rumors. My take? Say it ain't so, Bri. Hands off the merch.

I like to quote famous baseball people when they make my argument for me. Here's Earl Weaver again, this time for real:

"You win pennants in the off season when you build your teams with trades and free agents."

(quotes from Baseball-Almanac)


Bob said...

If Ishikawa and Lewis can continue to contribute then I suppose it's possible we can end up with an enjoyable season.
Sanchez was having a good day until his mad dash from first to home. That must have effected his arm slot, huh?

M.C. O'Connor said...

It is funny, I've been enjoying this season despite the wretched offense. I think it is the lack of expectations. I figured we'd pitch pretty well, and we have, and we'd scare .500, and we have. I'm rooting for the youngsters to show us what they've got, and for Brian Sabean to retire. We'll see.

Bob said...

Does a dope fiend "enjoy" every fix?
Gotta have it. Totally hooked. Obsessed.