Saturday, May 30, 2009

Matt Cain = Winner

6.1 6 2 1 2 5

It took 27 batters and 105 pitches to get those 19 outs--it was a hard slog against a good team. Matt started the 6th by striking out Chris Duncan, got into a little trouble and had to battle, and then finished the inning with another strikeout. Boo-yah! Sit down! Albert Pujols got two hits--both singles--but stayed in the yard. The Game Score of 58 doesn't fully reflect the VSC our GMF had to flash last night. We got some strong relief work by an increasingly impressive 'pen, as well as some big hits by the Youth Corps, and that spelled win number SIX for Big Sugar. In ten starts this year, The Tennessee Stud has gone at least six innings EVERY TIME. That's what winners do, my friends. Even Ol' Boch knows it when he sees it:

"Matt has been locked in from Day One," Bochy said. "He's locating better and has that focus. He has a look about him on the mound."

There, you see? He's got that "look." That's what was missing in 2007 and 2008 when he only won 15 games versus 30 losses--the "look." Superstardom, here we come! And puh-leaze, no more idiotic talk about trading Matt. Unless the NYMs want to give up David Wright--and they are too smart to do that--I'd tell anyone inquiring about our boy to get stuffed. If that joke of a GM we have dangles Cain again he should be locked in his room without a phone or computer for the rest of the season.

Take a look at the B-R leaderboards (NL): Matt is 3rd with an adjusted ERA+ of 192, 3rd in actual ERA with 2.307, 3rd in win pct. with .857, tied for 4th in wins with 6, and 10th in IP with 66-1/3. Keep it going, my man, keep it going.

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Bob said...

I gotta give love to Pablo for taking a week off then providing instant offense. Is the assignment to first base temporary? I suppose I'd rather have Uribe than Ishi in the lineup.