Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matt Cain is one gnarly mo-fo!!

6 1 0 0 5 7

How can you walk five guys (and four of the first six) in Coors Field and still win? Simple: be a gnarly mo-fo, that's how. Get some DP grounders (7 groundouts today, my favorite Cain-dicator) and retire 14 of the next 16. The 7 K's are also a dandy Cain-dicator. And he got a hit and scored a run! Dude! Gnarly! And now, The Mothers of Invention:

Motherly love
Motherly love
Forget about the brotherly and other-ly love
Motherly love is just the thing for you
You know your Mother's gonna love ya till ya don't know what to do
(weird guitar noises)

Well, I loves me some Matt Cain. That's one gnarly Mother!


Bob said...

Now we can add GMF to VSC in the RMC descriptive lexicon. OMG.

JC Parsons said...

You do know that Mother's Day isn't until Sunday, right? Is it Ok if I use some of this post for my Mother's Day card?? I don't think I have ever called my Mom a "gnarly mo-fo." Think she'll like it?