Saturday, May 16, 2009

Unimpressive Tim

In big need of their stopper after some tough losses, the Giants were sorely let down. Tim Lincecum gave up a career high TEN HITS ( for the second time this season! ), 5 runs, and three walks. He was staked to a four run lead after 2 innings and still couldn't seal the deal. Five of seven innings started with baserunners, three stolen bases given up, a wild pitch....these are not impressive. And before you start going on about how great the Mets' lineup is, go back and notice how many starters were being rested. Face it, Tim blew it.

Perhaps it sounds like I'm being overly harsh towards The Franchise, that I should consider all the other poor performances it took to actually lose the game. Oh, believe me, I'm well aware of the nightmares enacted yesterday. Aaron Rowand continues his bold march into the highest levels of fan hatred. Merkin Valdez was efficiently vile. Brian Wilson's "nasty" stuff continues to get hammered around the ballpark. The difference is all those other guys are meaningless compared to Tim. In some cases, incredibly well paid and used in crucial roles, but still just pawns to be traded or sacrificed. Lincecum is the team, our hope for respectability, the King upon which all focus is drawn. He knows this, we all know this. It is a lot of responsibility for one player on a team of twenty-five but those are the facts of the game. He is our Superstar. Last night we needed him to take charge...he couldn't. Sobering.

(Congrats to FredLew for the HUGE homer. He doesn't hit many but BOYHOWDY he hits 'em hard!)
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Bob said...

Tim is NOT the problem. Nobody dominates every time. Christy Mathewson lost 188 games.
Our #1 first baseman and #1 left fielder now have between them exactly one home run. THAT is a huge problem. Looking at all the great hitters the Mets have, even with injuries, you have to ask why can't we have even one guy who deserves respect? Molina's a joke because he's so slow, Sandoval's a joke because of his lack of discipline, and everyone else is just plain jokes because they suck.

M.C. O'Connor said...

The Mets are a good team. They have an .805 OPS, good for 2nd in the league, and they've scored 180 runs (3rd). Guys like David Wright and Carlos Beltran are hitting machines. I note that Tim yielded ZERO HRs and ONE XBH (Sheff's 2B). That's 9 fookin' singles! He wasn't as sharp, by his own admittance, but he also had some bad luck. Sometimes three-hoppers up the middle are double plays, not RBIs. If this is as bad as it gets for Tim, we've nothing to worry about. Even Barry Bonds made outs.

JC Parsons said...

I figure if I want to gush when he's awesome, I better rip when he kinda sucks.

Tim did have some bright moments. He struck out eight, Wright twice looking. He had a nice roll going in the middle. And he got an RBI single (tried to make it a double).

Man, the umps must have sucked. Not often both managers get chucked. They lost control. Hey MOC, how about some ump stats, I know they are out there.