Friday, May 1, 2009


If I divide 11 wins by 21 games played on my trusty Casio I get 0.523809 and some change. That's a .524 win percentage, mis amigos, five-freakin'-twenty four! Count me as one who said it couldn't be done. There was no way I could imagine this lineup winning more games than it'd lose, no way. Tonight was a perfect example--we got FIVE freakin' hits!! But I'll be damned, we got it done, and it seems more and more that we've got some serious PhoneCo Home Field Mojo goin' on. We are 9-3 at AT &T, bras, nine-and-bloody-three. Chis Haft reminded us yesterday that:

The Giants' home surge, which they'll attempt to sustain during a three-game series beginning Friday against the Colorado Rockies, was offset by an 0-6 trip to San Diego and Los Angeles from April 10-16. To remain in the upper echelon of the NL West, they must improve on the road, where they'll play 13 of 20 games after the Colorado series.

Well, let's put a wee damper on things, eh? Thankee, Chrissie-lad, thankee ever so much. But he's got a point, me buckos, he's got a point. Can we take this act on the road? I have to say it is splendid to see young Mr. Ishikawa get some stroke back, and if he can hit towering bombs that oughta go out but don't in San Francisco, than he oughta pop some that WILL go out in Chicago and Colorado, or is my airtight logic poppin' a leak?

Nevertheless, a tremendous start by the Great Old One Himself, a little foul weather makes anyone tough to hit, but that crafty mo-fo probably has special pitches just for rainy nights. Got a little scary at the end there, but we squeaked through. Our Win Expectancy reached its lowest ebb--68.9%--when Wilson gave up the hit to Atkins (2 out in the 8th), but shot back up to 86.5% when he fanned Spilborghs to end the inning.

All in all, a fine May Day performance. Joyous Beltane* wishes to you all.

*The actual cross-quarter day occurs on the fifth this year, so you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Celtic Summer in one fell swoop. Corned beef enchiladas, anyone?

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