Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Chris at Bay City Ball has it covered.

Tim Alderson is too much to give up for Freddy Sanchez.

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JC Parsons said...

A gutsy move, but I'm not going to immediately say its a bad trade - which is clearly the general word out in the ether. Sanchez is a proven major leaguer and that is a BIG upgrade. Alderson is a a top prospect but not close to a sure thing. Face it, about half of the Aldersons out there never make it. And remember my other point, as long as we have Zito, Alderson is fighting it out to be our #4 or 5 starter. I'm OK with J Sanchez in that role instead. Pricey, but not automatically too much for a quality player. Only time will tell.
I also think the Garko deal is much better than most (like Chris) make it out. If the stats show that Ishikawa is a tolerable major league firstbaseman, then there is something wrong with the stats. Garko is at least average for a 1B and he may get better. Ishi would be a weak 2B and his glove is not good enough to matter. If we keep him on the team for a platoon, we are wasting a roster spot.
We all just need to forget about Alderson and enjoy the fact that one quarter of our starting lineup is no longer a bad joke.