Wednesday, October 31, 2012

25 for 16: Ryan Vogelsong

Giant pitchers threw 144 innings in the post season and gave up 47 runs. Ryan Vogelsong pitched 24-2/3 of those innings (about 17%) and gave up only 3 runs (about 6%). In the NLCS, Vogie threw two seven-inning, one-run starts, dominating the defending champs in Game Two and again in Game Six. His 73 Game Score in that penultimate contest was something he topped only once (May 19 vs. Oakland) in the regular season. It was a hugely impressive display by the veteran right-hander. You could argue he deserved the MVP of that series, and that's not a criticism of Marco Scutaro who played magnificently. Lots of things added up for the Giants to win the World Series, but Game Three of the LDS was certainly a key. The Giants would win that game, memorably, in the 10th inning. Vogie was on the mound that day and went toe-to-toe with Homer Bailey who had a one-hitter and ten strikeouts through seven innings. Vogie gave up a run in the first but none for the next four. The Giants scored without a hit to tie it in the 3rd, and one of the big plays was a perfect sacrifice bunt by the starting pitcher, Ryan Vogelsong. And people prefer AL DH-ball! Cretins. Vogie also contributed an RBI hit in Game Six against the Cardinals when he out-pitched big-time post-season stud and 2005 Cy Young winner (and 2009 CYA runner-up) Chris Carpenter for the second time.

Twelve guys had at least three starts in the playoffs and only six of them threw at least 20 innings. Of all of them, Vogie had the lowest ERA (1.09), the 4th-lowest WHIP (1.05), and was 3rd-best in strikeouts (21). Not bad for a guy who couldn't find a job two seasons ago. Did mention he was signed through 2013 and the team has an option on him for 2014? I can't wait to see what other great things this guy can do.



Zo said...

October 31, 8:00 am, San Francisco Civic Center - the city is awash in orange and black of every description. Kind of like when you travel and catch a glimpse of Giants clothing and it makes you smile - times 100,000. They have got McAllister and Grove, on the north and south side of City Hall, respectively, blocked, so Van Ness which is behind, not in front of City Hall, is already a parking lot. This is the end point for events, so I can't even imagine what it's like along the parade route.

Shankbone said...

Seeing Vogelsong live shutting down Carpenter for the first time, down 1-0, was one of the highlights of my life. He was magnificent. His ability to get better through the game is a real strength, along with his never give in attitude. He gets the absolute max out of his talents, and is the posterboy for the "pitching is all mental" argument.