Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two for the Show

The Giants live to play another do-or-die game after a brilliant start in St. Louis by Barry Zito. The lefty stepped up to save the season in Game Five and the Giants come home to San Francisco for Game Six on Sunday. And, we hope, Game Seven on Monday. Two more wins and the World Series opens at AT&T Park on Wednesday! Wouldn't that be something? What a season. What a ballclub. This is a really fun group to watch and to root for, and they seem to have a different hero every night. What's also fun is watching the fielders make so many great plays. Team defense is a real strength and it paid off last night with some big plays by Marco Scutaro, Pablo Sandoval, Angel Pagan, and Hunter Pence. The Cardinals made a crucial mistake in the 4th inning and the Giants capitalized. (Not only did Lance Lynn make a poor throw, his target Pete Kozma was late getting to the bag.) Pence hits a squibber fifty feet and the Giants score a run! The lineup only managed six hits, but they seized their scoring chances. It was great to see our wonderful rookie shortstop Brandon Crawford get a two-out, two-run knock. Keep 'em coming, kid. Barry-Z had his biggest game in orange-and-black, giving the team a Lincecum-like lift. Timmy couldn't pull it off, but his teammate filled the void. That's how it is supposed to work. I like that Ryan Vogelsong gets the ball tomorrow and that Matt Cain will get it Monday if they make it. And I think having Tim Lincecum ready in relief is a big plus as well. We have not heard the last from the Freak--he is going to deliver some big outs. And the Panda is heating up at the right time, too. Buster Posey will be next.




Brother Bob said...

My brother-in-law Chuck has tickets for Monday's game. I hope he gets to go. I would love to at such a momentous game.
I have a good feeling about tonight. Vogelsong is solid, and I expect our defense and offense will both be ready to deliver big plays. Posey is a bit overdue for some heroics. Maybe Sandoval can save some of his HR power for a moment when the game is actually on the line.
Carpenter is undoubtedly eager to prove that his last start was an abberation. I hope he proves he's not ready for prime time.

nomisnala said...

The 37 year old Carpenter is a gamer, but he just is not his old self. He gave up a rib to create his own version of Eve.