Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Numbers

The Detroit Tigers allowed 670 runs (4.14 rpg), 5th best in the AL and 11th overall.
The San Francisco Giants allowed 649 runs (4.01 rpg), 6th best in the NL and 8th overall.

Detroit pitchers struck out 1318 batters and walked 438.
San Francisco pitchers struck out 1237 batters and walked 489.
Detroit pitchers threw 9 team shutouts and had 40 saves.
San Francisco pitchers threw 14 team shutouts and had 53 saves.

Detroit pitchers allowed 151 homers, San Francisco 142.
Detroit pitchers allowed 1409 hits, San Francisco 1361.

The Tigers had 4292 putouts, 1481 assists, and 99 errors.
The Giants had 4353 putouts, 1639 assists, and 115 errors.

The Tigers finished 88-74, the 11th best record in baseball, 7th in the AL. Their Pythagorean or expected W-L record was 87-75.
The Giants finished 94-68, tied for the 4th best record in baseball, tied for 3rd best in the NL. Their Pythagorean or expected record was 88-74.



M.C. O'Connor said...

Starters? Tigers
Relievers? Giants
Power? Tigers
Speed? Giants
Defense? Giants

Magic? Giants

Advantage: Giants


Ron said...

Huff @ DH? You've got to be kidding. He has done nothing but look like 2011-2012 Aubrey Huff this postseason - weak grounders or whiffs. The one time that he actually hit a pop-up, David Freese ran around in circles, & the ball dropped fair, but it should have been an out.

There seems to be no respect for Xavier Nady these days, but he would be a choice for me. He is solid & not a guy we need as a defensive replacement later. I know that he's right-handed, but, come on, Huff???

The other option, maybe not every game, but at some point, is Posey @ DH w/ H. Sanchez @ C. H. Sanchez isn't normally a big defensive liability (unlike Game #4 of the NLCS), & has some needed pop.

Brother Bob said...

It looks the Giants are trying to assure they will lose games 1 and 2 by starting two lefties with many question marks attached to them, Zito then Bumgarner.
Behind 0-2 heading to Detoit. Right where we want them.
I think Posey has been saving himself for the World Series. He will now light up the afterburners and have a series for the ages. Years from now we will refer to this time as "the early Buster Posey era."

Shankbone said...

No Whiteside for you! Bochy loves his big pen, and he loves him some Mota. Looks like its Huff Vs. Sanchez for this big DH brew up, but we don't have to worry about it for 2 games, which will be a lifetime from now.

Go Giants! Get big bad Verlander! Scrap and claw! Barry Zito, give us a quality start!

Oh boy oh boy this is gonna be great!

Zo said...

Numbers? What have you done for me lately?
Here is some: 20 - 1 (runs scored vs runs allowed, last three games, Giants) 15 - 8 (Detroit).
Whoa baby!