Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bochy Rolls The Dice Again ... It's Zito

We all know that Bruce Bochy likes to stick with a winning formula.  So, for the 7th straight postseason game, Barry Zito takes to the mound to deliver the first pitch.  Staff ace, Matt Cain, takes over from there, & we all hope that Matt & rest of the guys deliver the title tonight.

After a particularly uninspired performance last night, H. Sanchez loses his spot as DH.  However, to the surprise of many, the nod goes to Ryan Theriot.  I expect him to contribute a 3B to a postseason win - I'll explain why tomorrow:

Pagan, CF
Scutaro, 2B
Sandoval, 3B
Posey, C
Pence, RF
Belt, 1B
G. Blanco, LF
Theriot, DH
B. Crawford, SS

Zito, P

Go Giants!!!!!  Win!!!!!  Win!!!!!  Win!!!!!  Win!!!!!

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