Saturday, October 27, 2012

Half a Dozen for Barry Zito

Yes, it's Barry Zito again for his record 6th consecutive postseason start.  He gets the ball for the first pitch, then hands over duties to the more rested &, to-date, very reliable Ryan Vogelsong.  I've started to develop a lot of trust in this unconventional formula - who can argue with the simple truth that, when Zito starts, we win.

And, because of playing in the AL park, for the first time in quite some time, the lineup has a new wrinkle, as the Giants go with H. Sanchez as the DH.  I was rooting for Nady to get a chance.  I even started buying into the Sandoval as DH with Arias at 3B option.  But, I am content with this one.  H.  Sanchez has some pop.  I wish that he could work the count better, but he occasionally shows signs of developing that skill, too.  I've seen 2 versions of tonight's lineup (earlier this afternoon, MLB Network was reporting H. Sanchez 7th & G. Blanco 8th), but I'll go with the more recent one being reported on Giants' Extra:

Pagan, CF
Scutaro, 2B
Sandoval, 3B
Posey, C
Pence, RF
Belt, 1B
G.Blanco, LF
H. Sanchez, DH
B. Crawford, SS

Zito, P

Go Giants!!!!!  Win!!!!!  Win!!!!!  Win!!!!!

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