Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Major League Baseball should simply hand the post-season broadcast reins over to the Yankees Network. After all, the entire playoff schedule is based on making sure the Yankees are the prime time game. The Giants and the Cardinals, the last two World Series Champions, play at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time today--that's 3:00 p.m. Central in St. Louis. That's a ridiculous time to start a baseball game. Unless, of course, you have to accommodate the Yankees. It's one thing to be the richest, most successful team. It's another to be constantly shoved down the throats of every baseball fan in America. Hey Bud, fans of other teams don't like the Yankees. Casual fans don't, either. The rest of the world is praying fervently that the Tigers send them packing. Look, we know that Steinbrenner, Inc. is on your speed dial and that you seek permission from them before you wipe your own ass, but maybe in the future you can be a little less obvious about it.




Ron said...

Mark - for once, I have to jump in & actually defend MLB on this one. There is not favoritism to the Yankees here.

If the Yankees survive tonight, then, tomorrow, the games are reversed. The Tigers/Yankees game will be an afternoon game, & the Giants/Cardinals game will be the evening game. Furthermore, much to my surpise, the NL series in on the more widely-available Fox, while the AL series is on TBS.

Now, another option would have been to have had both games be evening games, somewhat overlapping each other. That would have been just fine with me.

Anyway, I'm hoping for a nice Giants/Tigers World Series, so ... GO GIANTS!!!!! WIN!!!!! WIN!!!!!

Zo said...

Except, according to the Mike Krukow report on KNBR this morning, the game may not happen at all. Rain. It's not raining yet, but they are apparently already talking about cancelling today's game rather than start and have a five hour rain delay.

Brother Bob said...

I love it when they start early because I leave for work at 3, so I get to see at least part of the game.
The Yankees are economically in a class by themselves, but isn't it a beautiful thing that they haven't won a WS in a while and that they're getting their asses kicked now? I learned about Jeter's injury when my daughter read it online. She mentioned it to me and I celebrated. She thought something was wrong with me. Maybe there is. But I fucking hate the Yankees, probably more than I hate the Dodgers.

nomisnala said...

You may be correct but and it is probably important to point this out and make MLB defend themselves, but it does sound to the insensitive ear, like sour grapes.