Sunday, October 21, 2012

One for the Money

Ryan Vogelsong delivered another sterling effort and the Giants force Game Seven. One more win and they go to the World Series. The Vogelgong tolled for five of the first seven Cardinals, who whiffed helplessly against a fastball assault. It set the tone for the evening and the Giants pulled off a dramatic and convincing 6-1 win. Chris Carpenter got burned by both Pablo Sandoval and his infield defense, lasting only four innings and yielding five runs. Two St. Louis relievers kept the lid on things until the 8th when Ryan Theriot delivered a pinch-hit RBI single for a bit of insurance. The Giants 'pen got the last six outs on 21 pitches (seven batters). It was a crisp, efficient (2:55), cold-blooded evisceration of the defending champs. The magical 2012 season continues! Can you believe it?

Matt Cain takes the hill tomorrow with a chance at the National League pennant. I've got shpilkes!




p.s. Yes, we had chicken enchiladas for dinner.


Shankbone said...

Chance to play by the bay for all the marbles! What a gutsy awesome display of pitching by Vogelsong. Scutaro makes em pay yet again. Truly amazing.

All comes down to tomorrow. Avoid that mistake pitch Matt Cain! And score early runs, put pressure on the cards. Go giants! It's gonna be epic.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Were you there?

Shankbone said...

I wish. Got to games 1&2. Can't rally up tomorrow night either.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ah, well. Sometimes HD on the couch at home is better, eh?

Zo said...

Vogie! Vogie, Vogie, Vogie,
Vogie, Vogie, Vogie, Vogie,
Scutaro, Belt, wonderful Vogie!

Ron said...

FOX managed to avoid Zito making that first pitch, then coming out of the game - the missing minute of video. Anyway, once he had done so, we had that.

Great win, & what a performance by Vogelsong! Hitting his spots with near perfection. We need Pagan & Posey to get involved in the offensive action tonight. Pence would be nice, too. Somehow, I feel confident that Cain will be sharp tonight.

This is fricking exciting!!!!!

Ron said...

Oh ... and another thing ... by extending the series, we pushed the Presidential Debate off of FOX, so that has to be a wee bit helpful to Obama. So, nice job, Giants!!!!!!!!!!

Brother Bob said...

Watching Vogie in the first inning I had the same feeling as when I watched Cain at the start of his perfecto. You could see that every pitch was going exactly where he wanted it to go. And the offense came through immediately in the bottom of the first, piled it on in the second, and the outcome was never in doubt. It was beautiful.