Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Return of Big Time Timmy Jim

Our beloved 2012 San Francisco Giants finally got a chance to show the world just how friggin' good they really are by destroying the Reds, 8-3, in Game 4 of the NLDS.  Those of us that have followed this team are probably not too shocked to see such impressive offensive display.  After all we have been a wicked road team all year.  So you might think the game story is about Angel Pagan, Pablo Sandoval and Gregor Blanco, but you would be wrong.  The true story of the game was a middle reliever.

Tim Lincecum made his fourth relief appearance of his career and it was a dandy.  Big Time Timmy Jim snuffed the pesky Red's lineup with a magnificently commanded fastball.  That's right, he actually threw strikes with his FASTBALL !!!  And people SWUNG and MISSED !!!  It was beautiful.  Of his 55 pitches, Tim threw 42 strikes.  That is only 13 balls to the 15 batters that he faced in his 4.1 innings. Hell, I think Tim averaged 13 balls an inning this year.  But I guess that is ancient history ... right?

I can not express how happy I am that everyone is getting to see how wonderful this squad is...and for Tim to play any role in that literally chokes me up. This has been a tough year for me, personally, and as a diehard Tim Lincecum fanatic.  Today makes everything so much better.  Win or lose tomorrow, I absolutely love this team.

Having said that.... Tomorrow's game, simply put, is GOOD vs. EVIL.  I think you know who is who.  A better script could not have been written for such a HUGE game.  We have the "perfect" man going for us.  Life is good. Sleep well, ya all.  Tomorrow will be one hell of a day!


M.C. O'Connor said...

Matt Cain and Mat Latos in the do-or-die game! What a match! Goddamn early start pisses me off--I want to be home watching it (and not at work).

Timmy was awesome today. It's a great ball club, they are fun to watch. Let's hope the fun continues!

Shankbone said...

Big Time Timmy Jim. Just another moment in a very magical season.

Matt Cain against a team that has hit him well, and Mat Latos to boot! This will get interesting.

nomisnala said...

The game starts at breakfast time for the giants. I know technically it is Timmy's 4th relief appearance but it is for practical matters his third. His first relief was due to a rain delay, and they started someone else in inning one. Once the rain situation cleared, Timmy came in to pitch the game. He was essentially the starter on hold that game. What I liked about Timmy's work was that he was getting that low fastball over in good spots, which then made his change-up even more deceptive and triply effective. That was the old Tim, but at 90mph instead of 93-97mph. Its not the speed, its the location, control and movement.

nomisnala said...

Is Phil Cuzzi umping behind home plate tomorrow? The key for Latos vs. the giants hitters is whether he gets the low strike. When he gets that strike down just below the knees, he is extremely effective. In games where he does not get that low strike he is hittable. Cain needs to simply not get careless.

Ron said...

What a great set-up for a Game 5!!!!! Too bad very few of us will actually get to see all or part of the game. Of course, that's due to the legislation which apparently passed Congress sometime back in the '60's which mandates that all Yankees post-season games must be shown during East Coast prime time. With the A's being the only West Coast game going (therefore, they have to play the late game - that part is understandable, although brutal for Tiger fans), that means that NL fans lose out.

My theory on this game is that, if Jonathan Sanchez can hit a 3B & beat Mat Latos in a crucial game in 2010, then Matt Cain can hit an HR & beat Mat Latos in a crucial game in 2012.

Wonderful display by the Giants yesterday (particularly by Lincecum, Pagan, H. Sanchez [two BB's - isn't that more than he had all year?], & Sandoval).

GO GIANTS!!!!! WIN!!!!! WIN!!!!! WIN!!!!!

Brother Bob said...

This is mid-game Thursday. Ludwick just hit a homer to make it 6-3. Posey's grand slam was one of the best Giants moments ever. We're not going to let this one get away are we? Imagine coming back from 6-0 in an elimination game. No way.