Friday, May 24, 2013

Almost Quality Tim

The Purple Pukes, otherwise known as the Colorado Rockies, came to town for the  Memorial Day weekend and spanked us to the tune of  5-0.  Tim Lincecum, who did pretty well after a crappy first inning, was no match for Tyler Chatwood.  That guy did well against us last week and I am sure sick of his complete command of the bottom of the strike zone. Their offense also impressed me tonight. Several of their biggest hits off Tim were with two outs and off rather good pitches.  That young guy at third, Nolan Arenado, made a couple sweet plays and looks like a "natural."  Shit, listen to me . Gushing over the Pukes! Must be the full moon.

Timmeh's stuff looked fantastic at times, which accounts for the eight strike outs and he did gobble up seven innings. So, it is hard to be totally bummed about the evening. However, the idea that I can't seem to get out of my head is that we are watching the end of Lincecum's Giants career. What do you guys think? What are the chances that we keep him? What has to happen for him to stay? Would that be a good thing, if he did?


nomisnala said...

Chatwood, will probably have an outing soon, perhaps against Arizona, where he does not get the strike around the ankle, especially to tall guys like Pence, and they will essentially bomb him, because he will have to keep the ball up. The more and more I watch games over the years, the more I think that the umpires are not simply nonbiased rule keepers, but they can have an enormous role on the outcome of a game.

Brother Bob said...

Does Lincecum still never ice his arm after a game? Does anyone else do this? I think this may be relevant to his recent status.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I would like to see the Giants keep Lincecum. He may not be Cy Young Tim, but he can still pitch. I'm not sure it will happen, but I hope it does.