Sunday, July 17, 2016

Balk-off Blues

7-6 loss (10) in SD
Things I was hoping to see less of in the second half of the season: Jeff Samardzija throwing batting practice and Santiago Casilla blowing saves. Things I was hoping to see more of in the second half: homers. I got my homers but as we know it's not how you score runs that matters. Keeping the other team from scoring runs is what matters. That didn't happen and the Giants lost two in a row for the first time since the Oakland series. The Padres, you have to figure, were hungry for a win--the Giants won the first nine contests this season, losing the tenth Friday night. I still like 9-2 but I'd like 10-2 a lot better.

Johnny Cueto this afternoon.



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Jon Parsons said...

I must give the pods credit for "hungry". They have had a lot of great AB's, forced us to throw many pitches and had some huge blasts. ( Of course Sarm**** makes blasts for all. ) They are very different than early in the year. Too bad, I liked them better before.

So we need to do a 2010 when we got Lopez. A magic deal to get a solid reliever or three. As I have said, I feel we have tradeable pieces, like Arroyo. We certainly have cash. I don't want to discard Casilla but we need to do some sort of revitalizing action.