Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mac Attack

2-1 win (12) in NYC
Just when you thought the Giants would never win again they pulled out a near-miraculous victory in Yankee Stadium this afternoon to halt their six-game skid. Mac Williamson provided both the heroics (game-tying homer, go-ahead RBI single) and the un-heroics (error that led to the Yanks only run) and that was the difference, mostly. Quite a bit of credit must also go to embattled closer Santiago Casilla, who saved a two-on, no-out situation in the 10th and followed that up with a scoreless 11th to give the team a chance. Hunter Strickland delivered a no-nonsense 1-2-3 12th to seal the deal after Williamson drove in Trevor Brown (leadoff double) in the top half to break the deadlock.

Johnny Cueto started and had to work hard (117 pitches!) to get through six with only the one run allowed on the Williamson error. He struck out nine but also walked one and gave up six hits. He had a busy time out there with lots of long counts and foul balls. To his credit he battled and got the job done. The struggling offense (Belt 3 K, Posey 0-for-5 with a DP, BCraw 0-for-5) was on display once again but this time the team prevailed.

Whew. Needed that one. Jeff Samardzija tomorrow at 1:05 (whoops!) 10:05 Pacific.




nomisnala said...

The two giants who made bad plays in the field, Williamson and Pagan, also made some really great plays in the field during the same game. We might have had a shutout sans Williamson's error, but we would not have scored without him. The pitching held up today. Can the Giants take two in a row in N.Y.? Posey needs to start getting clutch. Waiting to see the 300 plus hitting Posey, who is better in clutch situations. So far we have not seen that guy this year. It was all the second and third string guys that got the key hits and the extra base hits today.

JC Parsons said...

Thanks again! Real life conspired to make the timing wrong for me to vlog. It is good for all of us to know it is a team here too at RMC. Kinda like an emergency start and you got the win!! Way to go MOC.

I was thinking "Mac Daddy" for a title. My Bro likes to call him Mac Willie, which is a rather amazing Giants moniker to live up to. He sure had an impact on every thing about this game. While our stars (Posey, Belt, and Crawford) were wrapped in carbonite, our FNG's are bringing it. Sometimes it is a bit ragged with these guys ( more errors and loads of stranded RISP ) but their drive and raw talent is a pleasure to watch.

Does BCraw need time off? Tough errors and I'm not worried about that, just seemed like he was pressing. I am also of a very distinct disappointment concerning Posey. Yes, he's very good but he is FAR from great this year. Every game seems to feature terrible, weak AB's often in BIG situations. It doesn't feel like he is the best hitter on the team anymore. And that is not right. I blame the catching of course. Buster gets pounded on a regular basis. I'm sure he will have a great month and all of this is forgotten. Or just do it in the postseason. I like that plan.

Pagan is a piece of work, isn't he? What about that WP that he doesn't score on? I never quite know how to feel about Angel. I mean, I love him, he's a great Giant. But he drives me a bit crazy. Anyone else?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Pagan did look asleep on that WP, but he may have looked worse getting thrown out. That ball bounced right back to the catcher so I'm not sure they get the run there. Still, it looked bad. He is like that, for sure. A+ one minute, D- the next!

By his standards Buster is indeed below par. But his career norms are pretty damn high! I think the odds that he will trend upward the rest of the way are pretty good.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Note that today's game is this morning (10:05 am) as it is 1:05 Eastern. Sorry for the typo!