Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Return of Punchlessness

Punchlessness  (n)  Without the state or quality of having punch, or possessing the state or quality of a distinctive lack of punch.  Weak.  Feeble.

Boy, after last night, I kind of got my hopes up that this post-All Star stretch of bad, bad baseball.  But I guess yesterday's victory was more of a oddity than a trend.  Giants drop the series to the worst team in the NL Central by a score of 2 - 1.  Yes, another start by Madison Bumgarner without a victory to show for it.

Well, let's talk about Madison's day.  He went 8, struck out 9, gave up 5 hits and walked none.  He gave up a home run, to Jay Bruce, of course, Bruce's 4th home run of this series.  Maybe we just shouldn't pitch to that guy.  So there was that run, which was earned.  And another, which wasn't.  In the 5th inning, with 1 out and Brandon Phillips on 1st, Suarez hit a ball to the wall, which Angel Pagan couldn't hold on to.  That put Phillips on 3rd, and a fly ball turned into a sacrifice.  So that was another run, not earned, but it gave Madison the loss.  Madison also had 1 hit.

And now, the rest of the team.  Conor Gillespie hit a home run with no one on base.  Pagan had 2 hits, Belt had a walk.  That was it, a total of 5 stinkin' baserunners the entire game.   So since the ASB, Madison has given up 4, 2 and 1 earned runs and been on the receiving end of 3 losses.  His run support in those games: 1, 2 and 1 run.  Well, good luck against Washington, guys, you're gonna need it.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Ouch. Double ouch. A horrid loss. That was a winnable game.

Giants need an infusion. The other night I heard a guy talking about "performance-enhanced drugs." To me that sounds like it's the regular drug, only beefed up! Giants need some of that.

Pence, Panik, and Duffy can't come back too soon. And JohnnyC has to face a tough team tomorrow.

I will be "off the grid" Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I might be able to pick up KNBR at night but will otherwise be disconnected. I know JC has a surprise for us--I think I know what it is. Aloha, bra. And GO GIANTS!! WIN SOME FUCKING GAMES!!!

nomisnala said...

many of the giants losses have been games where they found defeat to take away a victory. Perhaps the balk game was one of the worst, but their were several games which seemed easily in the giants grasp and they found new and awkward ways to lose. The error rate in the last 30 games is also alarming. Many of the recent errors have cost them. Our clean up stud hitter does not even have 50 RBI. His batting average with two outs and runners in scoring position is below 200. Too many slumps and not enough hot streaks from Buster. Even when Pence comes back, the giants would have done well to have found a 40 homerun type of guy to solidify this lineup.

Zo said...

Everyone seems to be talking about a reliever, but when you are only scoring a run or two a game, a reliever isn't going to help much.

Ron said...

That's because many of us consider Pence & Panik to be our Trade Deadline offensive acquisitions. With them in the lineup, & the corresponding change in the makeup of our bench, our hitting should be improved w/o the need for trades.

Ron said...

Joe Panik is back!!!!! Grant Green DFA'd.