Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth!

3-1 win at home
Giants fans enjoyed a tight contest in San Francisco today marred only by the difficult outfield conditions. The high sun seemed to give the players a tough time on fly balls, and Jake Peavy got 12 of his 20 outs that way, so the guys had to work a bit. But 20 outs is pretty damn fine for a number five starter: 6-2/3 with six strikeouts and only two walks. The one run allowed was on a bases-loaded balk, of all things. Uncharacteristically the Giants runs came exclusively from homers, a solo shot by Buster and a two-run bomb from Angel Pagan. Five relievers (including Sergio Romo!) closed it out, notable for a particularly crisp 1-2-3 9th from Santiago Casilla.

In all it was more like the formula we hope to see--strong start, good fielding (Brandon Crawford again put on a show at shortstop), run-scoring hits, and a stout 'pen. Despite the injuries and roster moves the Giants have continued to grind it out, bouncing back from tough losses and fending off a determined second-place foe. I think everyone is looking forward to the Break.

The Giants play two more with Colorado: Madison Bumgarner gets the ball tomorrow night and Johnny Cueto the next night with an off-day (after twenty games in twenty days) on Thursday.



p.s. 53 wins is the most in the majors.


Jon Parsons said...

Grind on! Another example of the 2016 grinding win. So many unexpected pleasures: Peavy being a quality, consistent starter, we don't need flash just 6 solid innings and he does better than that pretty often; replacements replacing replacements but doing it with style and confidence. It is a FNG parade and that can be scary but so far it has been a joy. Grind on!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm amazed by this team--they keep going and going and going! Can't wait to get all the guys back for the second half.

Brother Bob said...

Hi, I'm back from Europe. Barb's MLB app worked fine so we followed the Giants all the way, although games usually ended around 4 AM.
We were in Cologne the night Germany beat Italy. Many of our fellow travelers heard the celebration outside but I was sound asleep by then.

Jon Parsons said...

It is very cool that we now have the problem of which FNG doesn't get to stay when we get our regulars back. The guy that really won me over was Peña but I bet Bochy wants Tejada. And he looks solid lately. And which OF? I suppose the right handed hitters have a big advantage. We need the rosters to expand!

Jon Parsons said...

Hey Bro, glad you made it home! I will be in SacTown on Thursday so I will definitely see you then. Your trip looked fabulous.

campanari said...

Pena for me too. The argument for sending Tejada down is that he's passed throu waivers twice already this year, so is less likely to get poached away from us if waived again. And Pena seems more versatile and better in the field than Green. As to the outfield, Gorkys Hernandez has bee hitting so well in AAA, and is versatile enough, that I wonder if the Giants figure out how to get him on the 40-man and bring him up, sending Williamson down so that he gets to play every day even after we can start looking forward to Pence's return.

JC Parsons said...

True, Hernandez is another guy that deserves a good long look. I forgot about him. It sure seems like this depth can payoff in the form of trade material, because where we NEED the depth is with relief pitching. More arms!

Looks like Buster gets the start for the ASG. MadBum and JohnnyC also selected but the Brandons are not. I guess we can still vote Belt on. First base is tough this year though. But what is up with no BCraw? The Cub, then who? Seager? Yuck!

campanari said...

Also, if we win tonight, we will have the best record in major-league baseball, ahead of Texas and ahead of the Cubs. This isn't reflected in the All-Star roster, a creature of media attention and population density. But as temporary honors go, I prefer the W-L record to the AS roster.