Friday, July 8, 2016

Home Cookin'

6-2 win in SF
Jeff Samardzija was at his Samardziest tonight, wobbling through a 31-pitch two-run 1st inning, playing with fire in the 2nd, mowing them down in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, and finally running out of gas in the 7th. Oh, he also hit a double and scored the go-ahead run. The much-maligned 'pen stepped up with Derek Law (2/3), Sergio Romo (1, 3K), and Hunter Strickland (1) all putting up zeroes. Brandon Crawford was the hitting star and Brandon Belt had four bases on balls. I note that the Giants were 1-for-13 with runners in scoring position.

Boch got ejected, that was also noteworthy. Apparently there were a few close ones to Buster after Samardzija plunked Segura. I missed it, I only saw the last half of the game.

Hey, I like it. Jake Peavy tomorrow afternoon.




JC Parsons said...

I guess they thought we threw at Segura ( unlikely although he did lead off game with a homer ) so their guy took a couple shots at Buster. Missed him each time, the second one was pretty obvious. Bochy got super pissed when they gave a warning rather than just an ejection. Lots of kerfuffle over not much. End result was it seemed to get BCraw very motivated to "do some damage".

Best part of yesterday was the bullpen, although Sard**** was very good. Especially Romo. The way he dispatched 2 lefties was uplifting. If he can do his Sergio thing and own the 8th, we are SO much better. I had forgotten how nasty he can be. Sweet!

JC Parsons said...

Nice of the snakes to unload their closer yesterday. The Red Sox picked up that nasty sidearmer (can't think his name) so we have one less quality arm in the division. Maybe we can pick up some help from their tattered bullpen this weekend. Even if we can't ever seem to acquire anybody from Ariz, SD or Col, the changes they make can definitely effect our chances. We still have many games to go with those three so their rebuilding efforts are kinda important.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Can't blame a catcher for protecting his catcher! (Who also happens to be the team leader and best player.)

Brad Ziegler is the side-armer. No news about the Giants chasing anyone. Maybe BobbyE and the FO aren't as skittish about the 'pen as we fans are. And as you say that was an encouraging effort last night. The two outs Law got in the 7th were huge--we've seen that situation blow up a few times here lately.

Most wins and fewest losses in the majors. Not what I expected. I have been confident in this team from the start, but 55-33 is well in excess of where I thought they'd be. Keep on rollin' boys, keep on rollin'!

JC Parsons said...

I totally think Bochy picked a good time for his ejection. The umps need to be reminded that warnings are not required. If he thought it was a pitch of intent, and it was the second questionable pitch, then the correct call is an ejection. Maybe warnings should be forgotten anyway. Consider yourself warned if you take the mound and if you use the ball as a weapon, you are ejected. Simple. Still a judgement call, but at least it's simple. I don't think a warning would be given if the batter tossed a bat in any general direction of some one else. That dude would be subject to criminal charges nowadays.

Zo said...

Segura homered in the first. In the second, with one out and one on, he was HBP. Hard to picture intent, with the Giants at a 2 - 0 deficit and Bourn and Goldschmidt due up. So Corbin threw at Posey. The first, at his knees, you might excuse if you're feeling generous, but after Segura was hit, why would you do that? You issue a warning if you haven't already. The next pitch was behind Posey's head. Corbin should have been gone. Bochy had a point. Nice of Arizona to give Greinke all their money and then punt the season in early July, though.

M.C. O'Connor said...

AZ's fall is the most surprising to me. I thought they'd be an above-.500 team. Certainly the injury to Pollock was a blow, and Greinke's slow start was not entirely unpredictable, but to tank so quickly, man, if I were a fan I'd be upset. But that's baseball. Cruel. Subject to sudden reversals of fortune.

So nice to be in the midst of this amazing era of Giants baseball. And to be enjoying this amazing season! Did you think they'd have the most wins and fewest losses in baseball at the ASB? Not me.

Let's hope MadBum grabs 'em by the horns today and wrassle's 'em down. I hear Boch may push Cueto back a start in the first week to extend his rest, then re-align the ro' later. I figure JC'll pitch two innings in the ASG.

campanari said...

Bumgarner with a game score of 104!! I don't know how the Tom Tango version of game score (pitcher starts with 40) matches up with its predecessor by Bill James (pitcher starts with 50), since not only the starting point but also the scoring system is different; but, looking at the pitchers who had100+ scores under the James version, I would say that this is probably a stupendous game, at very least comparable to Matt Cain's perfect game.

THAT'S how one wants to move into the All-Star break, with the best record in baseball and the best-pitched game in baseball, 2016!