Sunday, July 10, 2016

All Star

Madison Bumgarner left no doubt.  He will not be pitching in the All Star Game, but he will be there and tonight slammed the door on the first part of the season with a decisive 4 - 0 victory over the snakes.

How decisive, you ask?  A complete game.  14 strikeouts.  1 hit, 1 BB.  He had a perfect game going into the top of the 5th, when Gregor Blanco dropped what would have been a tough catch to put a man on.  He still had a no hitter, though, into the 8th, when Jake Lamb singled.  Lamb was the guy who was on base from the Blanco error.  14 strikeouts ties a career high for Madison.  He looked for awhile like he was to challenge the strikeout record, 11 K's through 5.  No matter, though, it was a thrilling victory to sweep the snakes and send the Giants to the All Star break with the best record in baseball.  Brandon Crawford, the guy who is not going to the All Star game (but should!) is tied for 6th in rbi in the National League.  He had three tonight.  Buster Posey, who is going to the All Star game (and definitely should be there) had three hits.  Maybe he will catch Johnny Cueto as a starter there.  All in all, this was a great game for a Giants fan.  San Diego is probably thinking, "Holy crap, this guy is going to start after the break, too?"

So here is the way I see it.  Remember back when the Giants went to St. Louis at the beginning of June?  They dropped 2 of 3 there.  Then they came home, split 2 games with Boston and turned around and dropped the first game to Kershaw.  So, 4 losses in 6 games.  But they turned around, took the next 2 games from LA, then swept 3 from Milwaukee at home, swept 3 at Tampa Bay, took 3 of 4 at Pittsburgh and, back home, 2 of 3 from Philadelphia.  They stumbled against the A's, losing 3 of 4, before taking 2 of 3 at Arizona, 2 of 3 at home against Colorado and sweeping the snakes in this series.   23 wins in 34 games.  Amidst all the cries of a shoddy bullpen, they have done an awful lot of winning.  When they have stumbled, they have righted themselves in a hurry.  That says to me that they are more likely to make minor moves than major ones.  We have some of our starters coming back soon.


Ron said...

Given that we are getting Pence, Panik, Duffy, & Cain back right around the trade deadline, their returns should be considered our 'major' moves. Finishing the first 90 games at 57-33 mostly without them indicates that things are pretty good right now. I expect nothing more than an acquisition of a veteran Relief Pitcher (some attempt to fill the 'Affeldt Role'). Why would they do anything else? Of course, there could be injuries in the second half, too (hope not), but, the pieces that we have plugged in seem to have done very well.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It's a good thing the Giants are playing well--look at LA. They have an excellent 51-40 record, better than most teams, yet are 6-1/2 back. Boch kept the pedal to the metal and refused to let them gain ground. I think if you had told me this spring that the Giants would have 51 wins at the Break I'd have been thrilled. Perhaps the Dodgers looming threat and constant pressure has motivated the Giants to stay focused

Agree with your analysis--minor moves at best. I do think we'll get an extra arm for the 'pen but otherwise I don't see a big splash.

Bum had the goods last night, man. He's amazing.

Ron said...

I am surprised that I haven't seen an article about last night's game beginning with:

'Despite fighting continuous bouts of nausea, induced by having to look at the most despicable ML uniforms ever designed, Madison Bumgarner spun a complete game one-hit shutout against Arizona ... '

Those things are just beyond ugly - how could anyone actually think that they are wearable? Not even fit for a shitty softball team.

JC Parsons said...

Yes the doggers have been playing very well. And yet they gain NO GROUND. There is nothing so frustrating as finally putting together a stretch of quality ball, lots of wins, and you have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. Back in the old days, before the wild card changed everything, there was nothing so helpless as chasing an opponent that just won't be caught. Now ,of course, LA can just focus on their nice wild card lead and ignore our superiority. Too bad, it would be nice for them to feel desperate or hopeless. Maybe that will still happen. I can dream...

Also Kershaw won't be back as soon as possible, he can come off DL after ASB but they pushed it back. That helps us a bit, especially if his back problems turn chronic. Also helps with what may be an interesting Cy Young race, but that is a ways off.

I am still pissed that the players voted Seager into the ASG. WTF? He is good, but not better. Why would players vote a rookie on over reigning Gold Glover and Silver Slugger? Of course, Addison should not be starting but that is how it works. But the players had a chance to do a no brainer. Seager has a bit more offense, but not really. No comparison with defense. I just don't get it. Now I understand the media or front offices selecting Seager, although BCraw is also the more highlight reel type. No one seems to question it either. I am amazed that the players would do such a snub. Very disappointed.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Those unis are the worst I've ever seen. They look like bellhops from the future.

I think Seager's youth and "newness" (not to mention all the homers and LA location) captivated the news cycles. Russell of course got the Cubs fan vote. BCraw got squeezed, to be sure. But we all know he is the best. I think the players do, too, but liked what they saw from the up-and-comer, not thinking it would screw the reigning Gold Glove/Silver Slugger. But it's OK. I'd rather have every media outlet in the country over-analyzing the Cubs and Mets and Dodgers and whatnot and the Giants quietly grinding away and winning, winning, winning. 'Fly below the radar' is my motto. The Giants have MadBum and Buster, who are as famous and as well-liked as any ballplayers out there right now, that should make us happy. It's hard for anyone else on the team (even if they deserve it) to get noticed outside of their massive spotlights.

I also think BCraw is a bit of a victim of his own brilliance. He makes the ridiculous plays look so effortless. He has that utterly relaxed demeanor and thus his "highlight reel" plays aren't that flashy except on repeated watching. You just don't see him off-balance or desperate, he really does make it look easy.

Ron said...

All-Star Vlog? Johnny Cueto to start the ASG!

JC Parsons said...

My sister also noted that I should vlog the ASG in honor of JohnnyC. I guess I accept the honor. I'm trying to remember if Tim got a start and I may have blogged about that. I suppose that isn't hard to look up. Didn't Matt get the start recently? Did MOC blog on that occasion?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Oh, I did indeed post when Matty represented at the ASG. It was a hell of a night for the orange-and-black.

I have a draft of my '5th inning' post ready for the off-day (Thursday). I, like everyone else, expects a JohnnyC ASG v-log before then.