Friday, July 1, 2016

Vlog 19 "Second Half Johnny"

6-4 win in Ariz

  The second half starts well and the Giants continue to own the Dbacks. JohnnyC didn't dominate, rather controlled the snakes for his TWELFTH WIN.  And if you like FNG's, then this game is for you!

Vlog 19 "Second Half Johnny"


M.C. O'Connor said...

Thought that was a hell of an effort by JohnnyC. Pitching in AZ has to be hard, keeping the lid on those guys was huge. Giants have to grind it out here for a bit. D-Backs are reeling, six in a row, maybe the boys can take advantage. Giants are 37-18 against sub-.500 teams so far.

Grant Green is a former 1st-round pick (#13 in 2009 by Oakland). He hasn't done much as a major-leaguer but you have to figure he's got talent. Maybe he'll get a chance to shine in orange-and-black.

Jon Parsons said...

The snakes have a terrible record at home too. Largely thanks to us as we have won 5 in a row there. Sure glad they seem quiet. Even Goldschmidt seems more human. Oops shouldn't have said that.

Green sure looks the part. I like his pedigree. Even if he doesn't fit with us he seems like nice trade material. We will be making some moves so every youngster that does something becomes significant. Parker is another one that may get us interest. We need ARMS!!

Which Sard**** shows today? Place your bets.