Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Silver Linings

11-7 loss at Fenway
The slumping Giants rapped out 15 hits including two homers and scored seven runs so at least there is a silver lining to this five-game losing streak. The first four losses featured ten runs total--perhaps this means the bats will come to life in New York. And the Dodgers lost, always a silver lining in a dark Giants cloud. Matt Cain got hammered in his return to action, sadly, and it looks like he's a long way from helping the club. During a losing streak, when you are a fan like we are, you have that terrible nagging feeling that they will never win again. It's ridiculous, of course, but when one devotes the kind of energy and emotion to a team like we do, those kinds of irrational waves come and bury you now and then. I KNOW the Giants will get back to winning. That's a sure thing. But I'm not so sure about Matty. He looks so lost out there--a shadow of the ace we once knew. Every time he makes another comeback something happens. It seems he gets hurt or he gets rocked--there have not been a lot of other outcomes for the big righty this year.

Off-day tomorrow. Yankee Stadium Friday night with MadBum on the hill.



p.s. The last time Matt Cain pitched in Boston he lost 1-0.


Zo said...

Cain at least looked good the first inning. All the relief can be traded. Maybe not Romo, but all of the rest of them. Throw in Blanco, too. When he came up with the bases loaded, I was just thinking, "they can tie this game even with a double play." Nope. Unbelievable.

Ron said...

I'm furious about bringing Cain back to pitch in a game like this. MadBum would have been on his normal 4 days of rest, but will now get 6 days off instead - that seems stupid. Furthermore, instead of potentially getting to see Peavy or Cain & MadBum next week at AT&T, I now get the uninspiring combo of Peavy & Cain. When I first saw that Cain was scheduled to go in Boston on Wednesday, I thought 'surely, they'll change it to MadBum,' but they never did. Cain got hammered by A ballers in his last rehab start & hammered by ML'ers in his first start back. That plan certainly didn't work out. Meanwhile, who knows how MadBum will do w/ 6 days of rest.

Ron said...

These guys that we are supposedly interested in from the BrewCrew look interesting. Will Smith seems to give up a frightening number of HR's, but seems otherwise solid. Jeremy Jeffress looks pretty good all-around.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Giving up homers? He'll fit right in!

Yeah, I saw those names, too. Seems like they will pull the trigger on something.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Baggs is always worth a read.

Can't believe the Giants would consider Chapman. I don't normally give a shit about players and their "real" lives (we all have our character flaws) but I have a hard time with domestic abuse and etc. Yuck. I'm all about "do the crime, do the time, move on" but some characters are a little too creepy for me.

nomisnala said...

Two crimes in yesterday's game were pinch hitting blanco, and the replay at home call against Belt holding up the original wrong call of out. Also the inning prior when we almost caught up, Williamson was called out on ball 4. One of the worst ball strike calls of the night, and then we rally. Posey twice wiwth 2 outs and runners in scoring position did nothing, something are best hitter has pretty much done all season. If I had to guess I would say he is trying to hard. If you put Posey in the 3 hole, at least he will not come up in the first inning with a runner in scoring position and 2 outs.