Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Heart-breaking Tim

Start #10 :   Loss  (2-5)    6 hits ( two HR's )    6 runs    4 walks    5 strikeouts

The Freakish Demise continues with yet another losing effort, 7-6 to the Marlins.  This marks the eighth Giants loss in Tim Lincecum's ten 2012 starts, a trend that we all know means the end of our chances.  This well deserved loss is especially irksome due to its remarkable resemblance to a previous horrible performance.  If he is going to suck, at least he should do it differently each time.  No repeats.

Both tonight and that early May loss to the doggers featured some classic Lincecum moments; good velocity and big pitches executed in big situations.  Thrilling stuff that gave one hope.  But then that flush and remembrance of the glory years was vanquished in a broken heartbeat.  A big inning. ( Early this season they came in the first, now its at the end.  Pick your poison? ) The final similarity between start #7 and start #10 is the most sickening:  a huge hit to one of the weakest hitters in the game.  This time is was a crappy breaking ball to a .104 hitter ( Chris Coghlan ) which resulted in the game breaking three run homer.  I know we battled back and an ugly seventh run was the de-facto difference, but we all know that Tim bears the load of this loss.  Again.

The good:  The top of the order (Gregor Blanco, Brandon Crawford, and Melky Cabrera ) was wonderful.  We actually look like a better offensive team than last year ... and that's with out the Panda!

The bad:  Some base running gaffes but the real bad continues to be all Tim.  No new answers, just more questions.  Patience is wearing thin.


Brother Bob said...

We've actually been looking like a good team recently, with a strong rotation, reliable bullpen and a potent offense. The only big downer has been the performance of you-know-who. We keep assuming he'll pull out of it. Maybe we shouldn't.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim is walking people, and when he gets guys on he folds. So unlike him. Right now, every base runner seems to score. He still strikes a lot of guys out, so I think he'll catch a few breaks here and there going forward and see that 'strand rate' improve. That will help him get through innings and keep us in the game.

Tough time for Timmy. The team loses when he pitches--it's like a backwards universe. I don't know what to say other than I believe he will figure it out. It won't be a pretty journey, or a fun one, but he'll get there. I just hope the Giants can hang on until then. Lot of good play recently, but still the poor fielding, and that really hurts. 50 errors, most in MLB.