Thursday, May 3, 2012

Swept by Terrible Motif

Or maybe the title should be: Terribly Swept by Crappy Motif.  An error leading to a run for the Marlins to start the game.  Two runs on nine hits for the Giants.  Teeny little ball.  Cabrera grounded into a double play with (fortunately) no outs for the firstGiants run, and grounded out to third for the second run.  Vogelsong threw seven, gave up two (one earned) and got a big L for his efforts.  After a 2-1 loss, followed by a 3-2 loss, why should this one be any different?  What someone seriously thought they could go out and win one for the gipper?

Deeply disappointed.  Terrible logo.   Terribly disappointed.  A need for many Lime-a-ritas.  I hope this isn't going to be one of those years where all the sick teams get better against us.


M.C. O'Connor said...

It was ugly, no way around it. Giants gave up 8 runs in 28 innings and lost every game. The lack of offense means they have to be perfect to win and no team is ever perfect. This team is really struggling in the field and that has to change fast.

Giants threw 12 shutouts last season, 17 the year before, and 18 in 2009. They'll have to throw two dozen this season to stay close (they've got three so far). I think that's a reach, esp. with the bullpen injuries.

Losing Sandoval, who had power and could really hit (he can be forgiven for swinging at bad pitches), is a killer. Much of my good feeling about the lineup had to do with seeing him for 150 games. I think CMG will do fine, but he can't deliver the XBH pop the team needs. Right now the league is averaging 4.03 rpg and the Giants are only scoring 3.80 rpg. They are 5th in the league in hits but 10th in runs. Their RISP death is no longer a flukey joke, it is a potential difference-maker.

Take a look at the 2009 season on B-R. Giants and Dodgers led the league in pitching, each team giving up 3.77 rpg (NL ave 4.49), but LA scored 4.81 rpg (4th best) and SF 4.06 (4th worst). They won 95 and the West, Giants 88 and 3rd place.

Brother Bob said...

Crawford is the big disappointer. Sure we knew he couldn't hit but at least he'd play steller D. Nope, not that either.
Don't hold your breath for CMG to be any big deal. Wasn't he our 3B of the future like 5 years ago?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Looks like the Padres may cut loose Jason Bartlett--I wonder if Sabes will take a flyer on him for help at SS. I like BCraw and was 100% behind the decision to go with him full-time. He's struggled, he's a rook, he's young, and doesn't have a lot of AA/AAA experience. Shit happens. But I think he's got the makeup to succeed and I think he will. But watching a rook play like a rook should not be surprising. It may take a little longer than we'd hoped, but I still think he's our guy and am looking forward to watching his growth as a player.

JC Parsons said...

There is some hope with Crawford ... he's hit quite a few doubles and many line drive outs. His BA is lower than he deserves. I am saddened by many of his errors tho... seems like the routine play is harder for him than the spectacular one. That will probably even out as well. However, I am very sad that he can't seem to get WALKS. Since we have NEVER had anybody develop that talent once they make it to the Show... I guess we are stuck with it.

nomisnala said...

This homestand so far has been a giant nightmare. The giants have the worst average with runners in scoring position now over more than a year, and that is happening at a time now when the team was hitting 3rd in the league in overall average. Giants also lead the majors in swinging at balls out of the strike zone despite the big improvement by Sandoval. I know this a theoretical ethos, but the team thus far simply does not have the killer instinct. They seem to do just enough to lose. The marlins were playing worse than the giants until they came to SF. We showed them a model of how to lose. Last year after the fish came in and swept the giants the fish went into a terrible slump. Unless Timmy starts pitching like Timmy, this team will have its problems.