Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clocked Tim

Start #9:   Loss  (2-4)   4 innings    5 hits   4 runs    3 walks   5 strikeouts

 Tim Lincecum continued his mastery of mediocrity by failing to secure the series sweep and letting the A's defeat our boys, 6-2.  The rather painful 90 pitch performance was cut short by an incident that actually looked quite painful; a collision at home plate in which Timmeh got his clock cleaned.  Besides slamming the ground hard (luckily they say he's fine); the ball popped out and the fourth run of the inning scored on a wild pitch.  It was hard not to flash on last year and Buster's ordeal.  Thankfully, Tim is OK.  Well, except for the fact that he's our fifth best starter now.  Shit, I can't believe I just wrote that.

Good stuff:  Melky continues his multi-hit game blitzkrieg with FOUR HITS today. You don't see that too often.  Another error free game, we seem to be stabilizing in that regard.

Bad stuff:  I guess we had to pay some price for the amazing run of walks (33 in previous 5 games) we have enjoyed this week.  Well, it came today ... only two walks but that went along with EIGHT strikeouts LOOKING. Brandon Belt did it three times.  Oh well, perhaps that comes with the new patience at the plate we have seen.


M.C. O'Connor said...

It was weird. Tim had a lot of bad luck. It is not like they were crushing XBHs off of him, but the game unraveled anyway. The play at the plate was surprising--he straddled the base when he could have stayed to one side and tried a swipe tag.

The offense went back to normal--leaving the bases loaded and etc.

Shankbone said...

The series sweep and the 4 game winning streak remains out of reach. Timmy has some bad luck and a lack of intensity out there, but his peripherals aren't terrible. No choice, just keep at it.

I hate the Marlins. I'm dreading this trip. Hope they play a bit better than the first series against em. Be nice for the new look offense to show up early and often during this road trip.

nomisnala said...

Timmy needs to sit out a start. In florida, he better not wear his hoody. Timmy's control, pitch selection, and ability to come through with the clutch pitch in key situations, have left him. If this were Livan Hernandez pitching like Timmy, they would say the BFI doesn't put his head in the game. Bring in timmy's dad. In two weeks he will straighten him out.

nomisnala said...

Being that Burriss is barely hitting over 200 while swinging for singles, its time he started swinging for extra bases.