Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Giant pratfall

The Giants featured a lineup with three rookies--Hector Sanchez, Conor Gillaspie, Brett Pill--and near-rookie Joaquin Arias. Other than Arias, who is serving notice, it was not pretty. Gillaspie made some poor plays at third as well as three outs with the stick, while HSanchez and B-Pill were over-matched at the plate, tallying five strikeouts and stranding eight runners. Two more rookies, Steve Edlefsen and Travis Blackley, poured gasoline on the fire in the 7th and 8th innings turning the whole affair into a rout. Starter Barry Zito somehow managed to get 18 outs. Walking Juan Uribe, one of the world's hackiest hackers, with one out and a man on in the 6th was a huge mistake. Youngster A.J. Ellis then got the hit that broke the tie and that was that. Ted Lilly has embraced the Jamie Moyer Aging Curve For Veteran Lefties, and like many journeyman, looked like a Cy Young candidate against the Giants. I think Barry Zito needs to stop pretending he is that guy from Oakland back in the day and get on the same program as Lilly. The sooner he starts thinking and acting like the ancient Mr. Moyer the sooner he can turn his career around. I know he pitched a "quality start" but 12 baserunners meant he was dodging bullets all evening. It was only a matter of time before he got smoked.

Speaking of The Ancient One, it is a sad day at RMC. Guillermo Mota is one of my favorites--it is like watching one of those Polynesian stone statues come to life when he pitches. What a fabulous face! And his whole mien and manner out there is fantastic. That is one gnarly dude, and his bubblegum schtick is absolutely hilarious. I'll miss you, WillyMo, and I think the Giants will, too. He has pitched 726 games in his career, all in relief. He turns 40 next July. This 100-game suspension may be it for him. Clenbuterol was the offending substance. (You can buy it at Sears.) Alberto Contador of Tour de France fame (or infamy, perhaps) was busted for "clen."

Giants need to figure out how to win a game in LA. Any suggestions?



Shankbone said...

This is going to be a sucky suggestion because I like to support the kids, but CMG needs to go back to Fresno. The adjustment to MLB game speed is brutal, and he is seriously lacking. Arm strength, range, bat, glove. Bochy has yet another place for a platoon: put Pill and Huff over there at 3B.

I try and straddle the line between the freebelt crowd and the Greybeard prove out rookie, but Belt needs to play more, and Bochy benching him against Ted Lilly because of the Lefty on lefty is hilariously bad. Belt needs to play most days.

Mainly the Giants need to shake it off and make their plays defensively. The Sabean dumpster dives of Arias and Blanco look like the path to some successful offense. The pitching will hold, the pen may need to get reinforced a bit. Some kicking the tires on the trade phone will be happening soon.

Zo said...

I think the Giants management needs to consider banning the presents of defensive errors.

Zo said...

Oh, come on.....

M.C. O'Connor said...

You read the Siskiyou Daily News?

Zo said...

Some one has to.